March's biggest trends: Action Bronson, emojis and dropping out of school

March's biggest trends: Action Bronson, emojis and dropping out of school

CultureMarch 04, 2020


(Don’t) Stay in School Kids
This year’s hottest growing corporate trend? CEOs increasingly not giving a fuuudge about expensive degrees. Just last month, Tesla’s Elon Musk tweeted out the company is looking for AI team members. In the tweet, he said, “a PhD is definitely not required” and added that he doesn’t “care if you even graduated high school.” Tesla joins a growing list of businesses openly admitting raw talent is worth more than receipts; Google, IBM and Apple have all said the same.

Ozzy’s Collectible Bat
January 20, 2020, marked the 38th Anniversary of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne biting the head off a live bat on stage. It was, and still is, one of the most excessive exploits in music history. So, the old man released a cute little plush available on his website to celebrate the event — removable head included. 

A Strange New Species
Earlier this year researchers confirmed they had created something never before seen on this planet: a “new class of artifact, a living, programmable organism.” Xenobots, as they’re called, are essentially living robots. Sounds frightening at first, however these interesting critters have a promising future in both health and environmental impacts.


Vermont Goes Emoji
Vermont State Representative Rebecca White wants to allow emojis on vehicle license plates, so much so she introduced a bill recently to do just that. “I think it’s a fun idea and it has the potential to raise revenue,” she told reporters. And it may work. Adding an emoji onto your plate will reportedly cost an extra $320. 

Action Bronson vs. VICE
Rapper Action Bronson has been openly frustrated with VICE Media lately, a group that took him under its wing and produced many of his latest efforts. However, after a Salt Bae meme was dropped on VICE’s Twitter poking fun at Bronson, all hell broke loose. “YOU’VE  SABOTAGED MY SHOWS AT EVERY TURN,” he tweeted to the company. FIGHT!


Cutting The Wrong Corners
The tragic event that took the life of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and 7 others put a spotlight on the growing number of fatal commuter crashes. In March of 2019, Vertical Magazine warned of such a thing: “There is no helicopter pilot shortage, there is a pay and quality of life shortage that drives away qualified and experienced helicopter pilots [and mechanics].” In short it’s just like other jobs: shitty pay, shitty managers. RIP.