Guess how many new jobs legal weed has created?

Guess how many new jobs legal weed has created?

VicesMay 22, 2014

Turns out you and your poor, poor dog aren't the only things that get high on weed; job numbers do too. A recent report by the Marijuana Industry Group stated that since Colorado's legalization of recreational weed in January, 10,000 new jobs have been created in the marijuana industry.

That's so many jobs, in fact, that Colorado's unemployment rate has dipped below the national average to 6%, the lowest it's been since the recession. And while weed gigs make up only 0.4% of Colorado's economy, none of the positions existed before we made it legal to get high. And if that doesn't scream "Weed is great for the economy" then you need a hearing aid.

The report even acknowledged that those numbers might be a little light; the statistics only account for those jobs directly involved with the marijuana industry like dispensaries and grow operations. They don't even take into account all of the positions that have been created by association, such as accountants, construction workers, electricians, lawyers, professors, our editor's dad who is a "Professional Weed Guy" according to his business card, and this girl:

What’s more, is that the explosive job creation shows no signs of slowing down. As it stands, retail weed sales are raking in nearly $19 million a month, which is an increase from the already impressive $14 million per month during the first quarter of legal sales. All that cash money means even the most entry-level marijuana industry employees like bud trimmers can be making $15 an hour, or roughly $28,000 per year if they work a standard 40-hour work week. That's as much as some teachers, and also strippers. Not bad!

All this job creation can mean only one thing: your days as a MILF-pleasuring gigolo or children's nurse are over. No longer must you devote your time to waxing your perfectly sculpted pecs to please or clients, or to saving the lives of children. You're weed's employee now, and you'll abide by its rules, which are coincidentally also that you must shave your chest, have you seen that thing?