Happy Halloween: The 8 most fucked up websites you can visit right now

Happy Halloween: The 8 most fucked up websites you can visit right now

CultureOctober 27, 2017 By Brian Frederick

Let's get this out of the way right off the bat: The following websites aren't something you should click on while you're at work. Or at home. Or really ever.

Dark corners of the web have existed since it was first invented by Al Gore and his man-bear-pig some 30 years ago. Even before that, VHS tapes frequently made their rounds consisting solely of violent deaths and "WTF" moments caught on film. But blood and gore (no, not that same guy) is addictive to a lot of people. Hell, it's how the National Enquirer got its start in print. As much as many of us want to look away, we really can't. 

So to ring in this year's Halloween and satisfy cravings for the insane, here are the most grotesque websites we could find on the Internet.

Again, we caution, the material on these sites are for adults only, and aren't for the faint of heart. Most of them include content depicting suicides, shootings, decapitations and lots of weird sex. Enter at your own damn risk (and remember to clear your history after you do).


Likely the most recognizeable of WTF sites is Rotten dot com. The page holds nothing back in its mission to make its viewers extremely uncomfortable. There before anything else, it states: "Rotten dot com collects images and information from many sources to present the viewer with a truly unpleasant experience." Hope you're sitting down for this.


The Body Modification E-Zine is a solid reference site to collect ideas for a new tattoo or piercing placement if you need. It boasts the most substantial number of photos and galleries on the Internet in terms of body modification and the culture surrounding it. Where it gets weird is under some of the 'extreme' tabs, where nothing is off limits to ink, pierce, scar or remove completely. Who knew genitals could be stabbed in so many places?


Car accidents, dismemberment, suicides ... Bestgore is a one-stop shop for everything you wish you could unsee. As the moderators of the site say: "If you are 18 years of age or over and wish to be reminded of real life, then be my guest, but do NOT take the warning lightly." Tread carefully.


The Deathtube Blog doesn't seem to be updated very often, but when it is, it's grotesque. It features hundreds of photos from infected tattoos to faces being removed. Dinner conversation material this is not.


Humanity is a disgusting thing, and nothing proves this more than Kaotic. With a deep catalog of murders, accidents and tons of sex, this site is one for those of you with a serious case of morbid curiosity.


Goregrish is disgusting and wrong. You're not going to be the same if you click that link.


This is Crazy Shit, a site full of, well, a lot of crazy shit. The most diverse of the list, Crazy Shit dives head first into the violence of street fights, bizarre pornography and the way people act while they're out of their mind on drugs. It's there when you want to lose all hope for humanity.


Sex, death and beatings. The YNC has it all.