Holy s#*! — download everything Big Gigantic has ever released for free

Holy s#*! — download everything Big Gigantic has ever released for free

MusicJanuary 14, 2016 By Brian Frederick

You're broke, lazy and want to find more music to add to your collection? Stop stealing albums from artists, and start reaping the benefits of free music gifted by the musicians themselves.

Recently, Big Gigantic announced it would be giving away everything the duo has ever released for the price of one measly email address. The duo says that they're so very stoked to bring everyone new tunes this year, that they've opened up the entire collection of past music to reign in a new chapter in the act's already fruitful journey.


Per the accompanying press release:

Coming off a massive 2015, BIG GIGANTIC is set to take the New Year by storm. With plans for tons of new music to come in 2016, the duo is taking a look back at all they've done to this point by partnering with BitTorrent, one of the leading peer-to-peer file distribution companies. Today (January 12), BIG GIGANTIC is offering the biggest and most gigantic collection of their music ever released, via BitTorrent's Bundle program.

Included in the bundle release is every album, single, mix, collaboration and remix the band has ever made.  With a total of 79 high quality audio files and the original artwork to go along with the albums, this bundle is the perfect supplement to any fan's music collection.

In addition to releasing their entire library, BIG GIGANTIC has also included an exclusive, never-before-seen video of the entire sold-out 2015 Saturday night set from their yearly Rowdytown festival at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado this past September.

Download the entire maximum bundle in exchange for your email address or get a smaller sample bundle with the click of a button at https://bundles.bittorrent.com/.