How high is this man? Hint: he left 100 pounds of weed in a rental car

How high is this man? Hint: he left 100 pounds of weed in a rental car

VicesSeptember 25, 2014

The answer to the titular question is a million. Or wait, maybe it's "purple." Or, shit, was it our nation's 42nd president, Bill Clinton? Fuck, we're too high to remember. But we're definitely not as high as this guy, who left over 100 pounds of weed in his rental car for the feds to find.  In Albuquerque. Not weed-friendly Colorado, you guys. Albuquerque.

David Ung drove the rental car to the airport to drop it off last Tuesday, and when he got out, he brought all the necessary items with him: cell phone, wallet, plane ticket ... but he was forgetting something.

"Oh, well, tra la la" he said to himself, and went to the airport to catch a flight. He was all set to go, when suddenly, he released that he had "forgotten" 139 pounds of high-grade weed in the car #notblessed.

After the grave realization, and having a stoner heart attack, which probably looked something like this ...

... he returned to the rental car place to claim his stash.

But by the time he got there, the police had already discovered the treasure, which came in the form of several black trash bags filled with weed. David was detained at the scene, and refused to talk to anyone until he got an attorney. He was charged with possession of drugs with intent to distribute and booked into the county jail on $10,000 bail,

Seems like an honest mistake. How many among us have forgotten our priceless supply of weed in cars that weren't ours, on airport property? All of you? Okay, sorry we suck at math right now (thanks, weed.) And we all know if he'd have been in Colorado, this wouldn't be a news story, it would be something to bake a pot-laced cake then fall asleep cozily on bean bag chairs about. David, we've got a bean bag chair with your name on it once you get out of prison in 2099.