Infusion of the Month: Peachie-O Whiskey

Infusion of the Month: Peachie-O Whiskey

VicesJune 17, 2014

You’ve infused strawberries, bacon and jalapeños in your booze, and that’s all cool, but everyone’s done it. If you really want to push the envelope you’re going to have to think outside of the box, and The Rooster is all about taking things to another level. Our whiskey wasn’t doing it for us any more, so we decided to add our favorite gummy treat, Peachie-O’s, to our favorite liquor, just to see what would happen.

Peachie-O Whiskey

  • Bag of Peachie-Os
  • Bottle of Whiskey

Proceedure: Open your bottle of whiskey, and take two or three shots to allow for displacement. Fold your Peachie-O’s in half and stuff’em in the bottle. Shake it up and let it sit for 12-24 hours. Strain out what’s left of the gummies, and enjoy.

Taste: Peachie-O’s are a surprising, delicious addition to this bottle. The gummies add a subtle peach flavor to the whiskey and cut the bite. The integrity of the whiskey stays intact, you can still taste the mash, the barrel and most importantly the alcohol, but there’s a distinct, not-too-sweet, peachy aftertaste that lingers on your lips. The best part is that Peachie-Os are always in season so you can make this infusion any time of the year.

Mix it:
Peachie-O Ginger Ale Delight
Place ice in glass and add shot of Peachie-O Whiskey, add ginger ale, garnish with Peachie-O and enjoy.

Peaches and Cream
Pour ½ shot of whiskey into a shot glass, layer with Vanilla Crème Liqueur, shoot and accept the consequences.

Rooster Reaction:
Editor: "Two thumbs up."
Account Executive: "The peach is a nice touch, but I still really hate whiskey."
Art Director: "That’s actually not gross. It’s a lot less sweet and more palatable than I thought."
Online Editor: "...What the fuck?"