Inside the world of the drug dealer kids of Twitter

Inside the world of the drug dealer kids of Twitter

CultureJune 19, 2014

The rich kids of Instagram aren’t the only ones who can capture perfectly timed sepia-filtered Instagrams of Dom Perignon baths and crab-leg buffets aboard private jets. It turns out, so too can the kids of wealthy drug dealers.

Ivan Guzman and Alfredo Guzman, sons of the world’s most infamous drug lord and recent Forbes list billionaire Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, neglected to mourn too long following their dad’s capture. They instead opted for a barrage of elegantly-filtered selfies documenting the life and times of privileged kids of ill-gotten means. And with each son having a following of around 60,000 twitter fans, who can blame them for keeping up on the status updates?

"I get distracted with women, but I always remember my chores."

Ivan, also known as the black sheep of the drug family, prefers wasting away dad’s hard-earned cocaine and heroin fortune on fancy cars and nice chicks, opting for a colorful spectrum of fast cars accompanied by golden AK-47s. Gold is the new black. Most of his photos portray his collection of Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys beautifully aligned in the jungle or at his racing club comprised mostly of Ferraris — modest indeed.

And did we mention the music video posted to Twitter depicting the young Ivan purchasing a million-dollar house to the background soundtrack of everyone’s favorite mariachi band? As you could probably guess, the house was a soon-to-be drug lord’s vacation escape.

Take these classy photos speckled in with a few beheadings, torture scenarios and verbal threats, and it makes for a high-end and extremely entertaining Twitter feed.

Alfredo is a different photographer and social media master all together. The older son — and suspected manager of cocaine and heroin shipments to the United States — has taken a path all his own. Beyond the normalities of fancy cars and selfies adjacent to rundown twin-engine Cessnas, the older Guzman spawn prefers the more exotic and dangerous lifestyle of baby tigers, cheetahs and lions resting on the fancy cars. What happens when those wild animals grow into adults is anyone’s guess, but for now, they’re melting the young hearts of mujeres calientes everywhere.

Like his younger brother, Alfredo enjoys mixing in the occasional tortured body, stack of money and secret jungle hideout of the cartel. Subtlety is not Alfredo’s strong suit.

It’s hard to imagine that the two sons could evade the extensive, multi-country manhunt currently tracking them while still offering up the magnificent photo quality we’ve become accustomed to. But that’s the power of the social media machine. Authorities are constantly angered that with each new bragging selfie comes a dead-end of unknown whereabouts and a drug business that’s still flourishing.

In one instance though, authorities struck selfie gold after a friend of the brother’s and son of El Chapo’s business partner, Serafin Zambada, took an innocuous selfie alongside Paris Hilton at a club. Authorities were able to use the world of technology to track down which club and eventually arrest the hitman for the Sinaloa Cartel.

Still, among the growing pressure from authorities, the sons have evaded arrest and provided followers with an amazing array of twitter magic — all while their dad sits on trial for his life. But like the rich kids of Instagram, it’s easier to spend dad’s money and flaunt the guns when dad’s away on business.