We asked Louis Futon some Qs before he headlines Rooster's Kickoff to April party

We asked Louis Futon some Qs before he headlines Rooster's Kickoff to April party

MusicMarch 01, 2020 By Brian Frederick

His real name is Tyler Minford, but you know him as the once bedroom-producer-turned-mega-ass-superstar known as Louis Futon. His sound is unique, in that he likes the blips and blops not often found in today's forgettable EDM hype. BLIP! BLOOP! Whoooooosh. Oh you like horns and piano!? ... It's a vibe exactly like that.

And he'll be headlining Rooster Magazine's Kickoff to April event this year, a damn fine way to kill the weekend while learning what cannabis products come out on top as the state's best. Hold on to your seats folks, you're in for a ride ...

Mr. Louis, how are you and how are things!?
Life is amazing. I just got back from a vacation in Southeast Asia, so I'm feeling recharged and inspired! Couldn't be happier.

For people who don't know you: what are three tracks of yours you think they should listen to first to get acquainted?
1) 'Country Roads'
2) 'James Blake - Retrograde (Louis Futon Flip)'
3) 'Silk Jam'

It's 2:00 a.m. and you're hungry, what are you DoorDashing to satisfy the craving?
The only thing good open at 2:00 am in LA is Crave Cafe. But it's pretty fire.

If you weren't a musician what do you think you'd be doing right now for work?
Probably working some office job crunching numbers all day. You know, important stuff.

Your Instagram has been full of travel photos; how did it feel to get away non-work related?
It gives you perspective, especially when you're backpacking around meeting new people and seeing new places, etc. I think it's healthy to step away and take stock of where you're at.

What's still on your bucket list of places you'd love to visit but haven't?
My brother travels around the world for months at a time and has inspired me to go to so many new places. South America and Africa are on the top of that list.

Your social media is full of "beat flips" — what is it about those that makes them so fun for you?
I like to give people a look behind the curtain of how I make music. I think people can see how passionate I am about my craft and get inspired to create stuff themselves.

Do you have any remixes in the works now you're able to speak about?
No, but if you have any ideas let me know

What can fans expect out of your upcoming live shows?
They're gonna bang. Like nothing you've ever seen or heard before. So if you DON'T like experiencing new and awesome things and meeting like minded people, do not come and see me live.

Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know about?
Phewww. I can't really talk about anything just yet, but boy. I can not wait to share some of the stuff I'm working on. Also, fuck Donald Trump.