TAUK's Matt Jalbert discusses the upcoming tour and whether Pop-Tarts should be breakfast

TAUK's Matt Jalbert discusses the upcoming tour and whether Pop-Tarts should be breakfast

MusicFebruary 03, 2020 By Brian Frederick

There are bands out there working hard on the circuit, and then there's TAUK. It's a hard hustling, groovy type of outfit. It delivers music that's easy to get lost to, perfect for the next zone out sesh or cold night in with your thoughts. Don't miss it coming through your neck of the woods soon though, because as it usually does, TAUK is once again on the road for an extended run of shows titled the SQUAD TOUR 2020.

We caught up with guitarist Matt Jalbert before the band's tour. Don't fret, he's cool with your Pop-Tart addiction. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hello! How is everyone feeling?
"Rested, energized and healing up. The last tour was kicking our ass, some random injuries tried to stop us but we powered through. It started to feel a little like 'Final Destination Tour,' so it's been nice to have a second to catch our breath and slow down before we hit the road again. The two New Years shows were awesome and got us itching to get back out there.

You're quickly coming up on a run of shows: is the band ready?
Absolutely. The time off has been a good opportunity to write a bunch and put together some new ideas for 2020. We'll be getting together before tour starts to see what everybody's been working on. The Colorado weekend is gonna be really special. It's really exciting planning out how we're gonna put our spin on these Stevie Wonder songs for the TAUKing Wonder show in Boulder. The group of musicians we have joining us for that show is insane so we know the potential for that show is on another level. 

We're also planning to hit the studio to lay down some new songs before we hit the road so keep an eye out for some new things being released this year. Between new material, TAUKing Wonder, studio time ... we'll be cranking on all cylinders for this run.

You all tour ... a lot. Does it ever get old?
It can be a grind at times but I feel really lucky to be surrounded by everybody we have on the road. We're on a mission out there and everybody is looking out for each other which helps a lot. It can get tough sometimes with lack of sleep and missing home and all the work we're putting in but at the end of the day we're doing what we love and that always keeps you going. We're always challenging each other musically and trying new things whether it's new originals, trying out new covers, pushing things further out when we improvise, throwing in special shows like TAUKing Wonder ... we do a lot to make sure it never feels stale or old. 

Tour vans are a quite intimate, are there any "rules of the road" you abide by so that things don't get crazy?
Rule #1 is no #2 on the bus. Besides that it's all common sense. We do a good job of keeping each other in check. It helps to touch base with everybody once in a while on the road to just make sure everybody's doing alright and give a chance to bring up anything that needs fixing.

Should the world really consider Pop-Tarts breakfast?
I've had pizza for breakfast, fried chicken for breakfast. So yeah go ahead eat your Pop-Tarts. Breakfast is what you believe it is.

What actor deserves an Oscar the most this year?
It'd be hard to beat out Joaquin Phoenix for Joker in my mind. This was one of those movies that actually lived up to the hype and he carried the whole thing. 

What are some acts you listen to that others might find strange?
Some people find our music strange. I find our music strange. Aphex Twin, Mr. Bungle, Knower, Zappa — are they strange?

Any guilty pleasures outside of music? Hobbies? Time killers?
Nothing I really feel guilty about. Basketball, food, skiing, movies, poker. Music is the best though. 

Any advice for young aspiring musicians?
Have fun and believe in what you're doing. You don't need to sound like anybody but yourself so if it sounds good to you then go with that and trust your instincts. 

What can TAUK fans expect out of your upcoming shows?
Expect high energy, new songs, new sounds, risk taking, dancing, rocking. We pack a lot into the shows and our fans bring the energy that makes each night memorable. Every show there are moments that have never happened before and will never happen again, that's what we love about doing this night after night.