The Polish Ambassador talks vegan nachos and goat farming ahead of his NYE shows in Boulder

The Polish Ambassador talks vegan nachos and goat farming ahead of his NYE shows in Boulder

MusicDecember 22, 2019 By Brian Frederick

For several years, David Sugalski has been successfully tinkering with noises as The Polish Ambassador, a little something he picked up while studying marketing at the University of Colorado Boulder. Since, he's both supported and headlined hundreds of shows at some of the most venerable places music has to offer. The latest in his run will be back-to-back shows at the Boulder Theater, this coming December 27 and 28.

We sat down with the self-proclaimed "interdimensional space and time traveler" to discuss what else he'd be doing had music not entered his life. We thought it might be retail management. It appears, however, he has a different career in mind entirely ...

David what's up, how are you feeling today?
Hey Brian, glad you asked. Mercury is currently transiting the sun, there's a handful of chemtrails and a child's birthday balloon is floating toward a nearly full moon. Those are currently the most notable things 'up' in my world. I figured we hadn't quite hit a point in our relationship where I could tell you about how much methane is cruising upward in my vicinity right now. Vegan nachos last night. Don't do it. As for how I'm feeling ... queezy.

What do you have in store for fans for the upcoming run in Denver?
Barry, clearly you haven't had your coffee today. I'll be docking my space Escalade in Boulder for 2 nights at the Boulder Theater, not Denver ... though ... I hear Denver has the most exquisite fermented oatcakes at a hole in the wall bakery on Mason St. Or perhaps the oatcakes have Denver. We're still discussing at the embassy.

Shit yep, you're right, Boulder, too much office eggnog. *cricket chirps* But like ... what makes New Year's Eve shows different than others throughout the year?
Well ... not too much Biff except that's when I do my massive detox protocol prescribed by my sprit health coach, Manuel Hernandez Smith the third. While some may use New Year's Eve as a way to escape the monotony of everyday personhood, I'll be sweating out toxic metals and unloading past life traumas on stage for all to see. It's fun. You should come and watch.

Sounds exhausting! How long does it take you to recover after playing back-to-back shows?
About 15 seconds. I just put on my colloidal silver sweater a pair of headphones and soundbath to the mating sounds of the Madagascar red bellied finch. Good as new. Have you ever had angels sing to you Brant? 

Yes, they were lovely and offered us nachos. Speaking of, if it wasn't for music, what do you think you'd be doing right now for work and why?
Thanks Benton. Music has been doing me for some time now. It's been a sexy, exhilarating ride. The rollercoaster will certainly continue whether I like it or not, however if I were to be done by something else. Hmmm ... probably goats. Wait. No. That doesn't sound right. Uhh. I'd be a ... goat farmer. Goat farming is righteous work and the future in Northern California. Look it up.

Outside of goat farming, what's next for Jumpsuit Records? Any new releases/happenings you want our readers to know about?
Jumpsuit Records. I'm thinking about expanding into baked goods. All this jibber jabber about 'cutting edge music' and I'm out here just trying to source the most delicious glutenous snacks in the world. It's high time we give our bakers the credit they deserve. Let's raise up our pastry chefs, immortalize our wheats. Mark my words, Bubbles. 2020 will be the return of the fig newton.

But maybe not for music festivals, plenty are gone now; do you think it's a dying fad or will they always be important for the industry?
Well, Bob. Turns out I've been to the future. Some festivals will indeed die but festival consciousness will carry on. At a certain point in human future there will be an opportunity for each human to take #festivalspirit into their heart. If one does, they will be welcomed into the Bestival, a living, breathing, conscious festival. That's right. This festival ... it thinks, creates, sings, dances, eats, even poos and it is fantastic. Will you take #festivalspirit into your heart Bob? You better ... or you're fucked. Just a heads up.

Who are the artists you listen to the most during your downtime?
When I'm not on the road, detoxing or working with my personal trainer Hans on my glutes, I'm typically listening to Lionel Richie (his softer side), drinking golden milk while tending a fire. 'Nuff said.

Any final thoughts or shoutouts?
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my mom and dad, my cats, my dog Tuk Tuk (I love you homie) my neighbor Mark (Thanks for the weed bro!). I'd like to thank Prince, Devo, baby Jesus, Rodriguez, Dante Bichette, John Elway. Special thanks goes out to the person who invented sweatpants and ringworm cream. Honorable mention to the ocean. Sea horses rule!

I guess that's it. Thanks Brandon!

To experience more of The Polish Ambassador head over to his website, Instagram and Twitter for the most enjoyable time.