Jeffery Epstein allegedly set Kimbal Musk up with his ex-girlfriend, in a bold attempt to get closer to Elon

Jeffery Epstein allegedly set Kimbal Musk up with his ex-girlfriend, in a bold attempt to get closer to Elon

Mr. Epstein, matchmaker of the rich and powerful, set Kimbal up

VicesJanuary 27, 2020 By Will Brendza

Jeffery Epstein was many things: a pedophile, a sex-addict, a millionaire, a party boy, a genius at charming the rich and powerful, and above all, a mystery.

We will likely never know the full extent of Epstein’s dubious dealings. But we know that he owned the largest single residence in Manhattan (a seven-story chateau in the most expensive part of town), a private orgy island in the Virgin Isles, complete with a sex temple, helicopter pads and a mansion compound, and a 10,000 acre ranch in New Mexico. He and his partner in crime Ghislane Maxwell, are often pictured with many of the most recognizable faces in the world: presidents like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, religious icons like Pope Francis, royalty like Prince Andrew, fashion business billionaire moguls like Les Wexner, and, even, tech magnates like Elon Musk.

The latter of whom, Epstein apparently, really wanted to get close with, according to Business Insider.

Who wouldn’t? Elon Musk is one of the World’s most infamous billionaire geniuses, a man who has already made his mark on history and who owns some of the most progressive, advanced and valuable companies on the planet. Companies like Tesla and SpaceX. 

But Jeffery Epstein wasn’t interested in Musk’s electric cars or his fancy rockets. Epstein was obsessed with becoming close to powerful people. He was demonstrably attracted to them and Musk was a rare specimen. He wanted to “collect” Musk just like he’d collected so many other influential characters; to access Musk’s inner circle and his blossoming entrepreneurial endeavors.

And, more than likely, to get dirt on him too; to put Elon under his thumb just like he’d done to Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and countless other globally powerful people.

So, Epstein did what any other conniving millionaire playboy would: he offered Elon’s little brother Kimbal, one of the many young and beautiful women whom Epstein constantly surrounded himself with: an ex-girlfriend/model who actually lived in Epstein’s brother’s apartment at the time. Which, Epstein often used to house his girls.

Kimbal Musk, while not as well-known as his older brother, Elon, is nevertheless a big name in the circle of the 1-percenters. He lives in one of the most affluent areas of Boulder, Colorado. He sits on the boards of SpaceX and Tesla and he owns The Kitchen restaurant franchise. No doubt Epstein figured, if he could gain the younger Musk’s trust with a hot enough “opportunity,” the elder Musk might just be within reach.

That’s Business Insider’s allegation, anyway. They claim that Epstein played matchmaker for Kimbal Musk, in a subversive attempt to get closer to his older brother.

While the relationship between Kimbal and Epstein’s ex, was by all accounts “genuine,” Epstein’s motivations were almost certainly not. This was not a man interested in playing Cupid.

Kimbal only dated Epstein’s ex for a little over a year, from 2011 to 2012 according to sources. But he and Jeffery apparently had relatively frequent contact throughout that time. Which has been enough to draw the suspicious ire of the internet. How old was this girl? And how did Epstein set Kimbal Musk up with her exactly? What was the conversation surrounding that introduction?

Epstein’s motivations for setting Kimbal Musk up with one of his ex-girlfriends, are still up for debate. And likely always will be, considering Epstein’s untimely death. But it certainly seems plausible. Especially given the nature of Jeffery Epstein, his fascination with powerful people like Elon Musk and his proclivity for collecting sexual blackmail on people like them.

However, if Epstein’s plan was to get close to Elon through Kimbal, it didn’t go over so well. Elon never seemed to be too interested in sparking up a friendship with the late Epstein.

In fact, following Epstein’s second arrest on child sex trafficking charges, Elon was quick to publicly minimize their relationship. Elon said that he had only once given Epstein a tour of SpaceX; and only once attended one of Epstein’s parties at his Manhattan chateau "for thirty minutes.” And the only reason he was there, was because his ex-wife, Talulah Riley, wanted to meet Epstein "for a novel she was writing."

Musk, himself, however, didn’t seem quite so captivated by Epstein’s charm. He told Vanity Fair that Epstein was "obviously a creep."

Both Tesla and the Musk brothers declined comment on this connection or Kimbal’s relationship with this woman. Which, is to be expected.

And, anyway, it’s a tenuous connection at best. Maybe Elon did have a few conversations with Epstein. Maybe his brother, Kimbal, did date one of Epstein’s ex-girlfriends while she was living in one of his harems. It doesn’t implicate either of the Musk’s in Epstein or Maxwell’s nefariousness.

Though it’s probably about as close as either one wants to get.