Kristen Stewart voted #1 in Top Ten Least Sexy Actresses

Kristen Stewart voted #1 in Top Ten Least Sexy Actresses

VicesFebruary 20, 2013

In a recent poll by website Menkind ranking the Top Ten Least Sexy women of 2012, Kristen Stewart and those who wish to sleep with her took a blow when she came as the number one least sexy actress in Hollywood. The opaque Twilight star led the way followed by Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker and the slow-trainwreck that is Lindsay Lohan. A spokesman for MenKind said: ‘Our Oscars poll has been a fascinating insight into the minds of British men. It’s shown that sexiness is far more than appearance’. ‘They were turned off by volatile and moody actresses as well as ice queens. And they don’t want to see unhealthily skinny starlets on the big screen.'

While we understand that the entire package is important (Personality, recent publicity, looks, etc.), the brakes need to be pumped a little when determining the top double-baggers. Denise Richards is undeniably one of the sexiest women of all time. Mischa Barton is the only reason we watched the OC. And Kirsten Dunst never hurt a fly. Even Kristen Stewart could plausibly be a drunken mistake. 

Although we'd like to see Madonna added to the ranks, we'll give you some of the others: Sarah Jessica Parker, Hilary Swank, Uma Thurman, Tilda Swinton. 

1. Kristen Stewart
2. Sarah Jessica Parker
3. Lindsay Lohan
4. Denise Richards
5. Kirsten Dunst
6. Mischa Barton
7. Hilary Swank
8. Lucy Liu
9. Tilda Swinton
10. Uma Thurman