Laws’ new 6-year bottled in bond San Luis Valley Rye is an apex of Colorado distilling

Laws’ new 6-year bottled in bond San Luis Valley Rye is an apex of Colorado distilling

VicesApril 22, 2020 By Will Brendza

When it comes to making whiskey, some distillers take things to another level. Some distillers, the best distillers, make every single bottle like it’s their last; they go to great lengths to find the best ingredients, have the patience and discipline to age their bottles the right way, and have a genuine, consuming love for the spirits they create.

It’s what makes Laws Whiskey, out of Denver, such a special distillery. They craft every single bottle to be a work of whiskey art. They use heirloom grains that mass-produced whiskeys can’t get en masse — grains grown on family-owned Colorado farms that provide their distillery with the necessary ingredients.

And, they just recently released a bottle that might just be their magnum opus: the Laws 6-year bottled in bond San Luis Valley rye.

Oh my.

This soulful, rich rye was made using heirloom grain grown right here in Colorado, in the San Luis Valley, on the Cody Family Farm in Alamosa.

“The world-class quality of our whiskey stems from the grains we get from the Cody Family Farm in Alamosa,” distillery founder Al Laws, said in a press release. “The heirloom San Luis Valley rye varietal is a standout as it distills into a distinctive spirit that gets better every year.”

The rye delivers hints of sweet grass and honey on the nose, followed by notes of wild fennel, accents of sea salt, orange tea and brown sugar. It finishes on the palette with a buttery mouthfeel and a lingering whisper of tobacco.

And, of course, as the name implies, this rye was bottled in bond and aged for six years. Laws previously released this whiskey at the 4-year mark — and it was a huge hit, even then. Now, two years later, that rye has had even more time to settle into its own skin, and amplify its rich flavors.

If you’re hankering for a top-notch, artisanally and locally crafted bottle of rye, look no further. Laws released this whiskey to premium retailers in Colorado, California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Texas at the beginning of this month. Or, swing by their whiskey house in Denver’s historic Gates community and buy a bottle straight from the source.

However you do it, get your hands on a bottle of Law’s 6-year San Luis before it’s gone — otherwise you might have to wait another two years, before they release another batch of this mind-blowing rye.