Life Review: We hoe’d down at Breckenridge Brewery’s Hootenanny this past weekend and are miserable now that it’s over

Life Review: We hoe’d down at Breckenridge Brewery’s Hootenanny this past weekend and are miserable now that it’s over

VicesJuly 14, 2014

It’s Monday again and blah, whine, blah about being back to work after such a stellar weekend. We can’t tell you all about where we were, who we saw, what we did and how much yearly allotted bail we’ve ran through – because that would take days. And really, who has days to waste when we only have 110 hours to go until the next weekend affair? Let’s just say that we got off the couch and took in some of the things that Colorado does best.

One of the events we were able to beg our way into was last Saturday’s Hootenanny, an event that's hosted by the finely warm folks over at the Breckenridge Brewery every year. The always fantastic anniversary celebration of theirs has become a local staple in the entertainment industry and always comes through with promises of good times, great food and better-than-bath-salts beers.

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and took a few notes of the event for Rooster's readers to study up on:

Babies, babies everywhere!

We couldn’t help but notice all the smoking hot parents running around with their cute little byproducts of sex all day long at the shindig. That dynamic is becoming more commonplace in Colorado and is one that becomes even more popular in the warmer months because of the outdoor (and earlier) festivities that take place.

These tiny ones that are able to attend need to realize that they have parents who are still down with their former lives and are brilliantly introducing them to a rich future filled with music, fun and populous gatherings. Good on Breckenridge Brewery for allowing them to enter at a dime’s cost too (read: free), so that the whole family could spend the day having a good time without breaking what little bank modern day parenting allows. Children are the future; it’s best to start them off right appreciating Hootenannys proper.

Did the music bring the people, or did the beer?

The party in itself doesn’t attract revelers because of the bands on the bill, we’re guessing. While the acts themselves are notable forces in the bluegrass, jam and folk arena (Dead Phish Orchestra, The Magic Beans, Kitchen Dwellers and others), they didn’t necessarily bring the crowd from what we saw – the beer and food did. That alone makes for great people watching because it’s such a diverse mix of fans that may or may not be in the band’s target demographics. It’s a win / win for everyone involved.

From the hipper than thou beer nerds to the more seasoned retirees – we saw everyone getting down with the baddest of themselves and treating it the way any good cookout should be enjoyed. Drunk and happy, is there any other way?

Pig roasts are the pinnacle of BBQ parties, amiright?

We don’t know if Breckenridge Brewery made the hog of honor take sauce baths from the moment of conception or what, but that thing was basted and blasted like no other pig we’ve ever had. Knowing how to cook in the summer is undeniably one of our favorite artistic endeavors and we have an overflowing barrow full of appreciation for those that do it right. Cop jokes aside, that pig killed it.

Future of Breckenridge Brewery’s Hootenany

It was shocking to us to find out that this would be the last year the Hootenanny would take place at the 4th and Kalamath location that brewery currently calls home. It wasn’t as shocking when we remembered that we had read somewhere early last year that they were moving. Memory: It ain’t like your DVR.

Next year the company still plans on having the event, but it will be in its new $20 million dollar abode in Littleton. The behemoth location will house a 76,000-square-foot brewery, beer garden, retail store and a new restaurant with indoor / outdoor seating. It plans on being a wildly popular tourist attraction as well as a second home to locals in-the-know. Heaven, just think of heaven and basically that’s what it will be. Our only hope is that they add-on a stage and turn things like this into a bi-monthly - or at least monthly – affair. Here’s to dreaming big!

Photo comandeered from Breckridge Brewery's Facebook account.