The coolest shit available right now including ash vinyls and a Trump game

The coolest shit available right now including ash vinyls and a Trump game

CultureApril 04, 2019

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We’ve heard the complaints: you like Jenga but there isn’t a plastic president sitting atop the tower to make fall when the whole thing crashes. Well, with the Presidential Wall Game, there is. Simply take turns knocking out bricks until the Bad Orange Man plummeth. Play alone or with people you haven’t unfriended yet.

From the same large hip-hop virtuoso that dropped “F*ck, That’s Delicious” not long ago comes a new new looking to dethrone it. Action Bronson’s latest is kind of the same, but definitely not — chock-full of what he calls “highly scientific botanical analyses and the study of pot’s medicinal benefits to a guide of the wild world of weed paraphernalia.” You like the green? This stoner manual is for you.

You young’uns wouldn’t understand how mixtapes were once the only way to express any kind of emotion. In love? Track 1, Luther Vandross. Need to get hype? Track 4, Guns n Roses. Political turmoil? Track 7, “Fuck The Police.” Relive those moments (or experience them for the first time) with a customized mixtape doormat. Personalize accordingly.

Are you dead or maybe plan on dying in the future? A UK-based company has perfected the art of pressing ashes into playable vinyl — and it’s honestly quite humbling. Take a look online at the video it made preserving one woman’s final memories for her son. Though we’d go with a steady loop of the hip-hop air horn personally, but who are we to judge. BEW BEW BEW BEWWWWW!!!

Colorado’s Blonde Beard sauces are a new twist on the ol’ sloppy wing sheets. Instead of just cramming heat into bottles, the husband and wife duo add in a bit of what they call “southern charm” — Cajun black pepper, scotch bonnet punches and (our favorite) maple syrup. You’ll never slum it with the big name brands again.