Meet D*Face, Your Newest Most Favorite Large-Scale Graffiti Artist

Meet D*Face, Your Newest Most Favorite Large-Scale Graffiti Artist

"I’m inspired by everything around me, from the people, to the music, to city living."

CultureSeptember 12, 2022

The age I feel or the age I am? I still think I’m 19 … but in reality it’s somewhere between 35 and 45; my parents found me so they’ve never been exactly sure.

Favorite bear:
I’ve never had a single favourite beer, all beer is my favourite, although I like cheap ass lager like Schmitz or High Life with a pickle-back chaser. As for my favourite bear, I’d have to go cartoon — Paddington, the coat, Marmalade Sandwiches — classic.

What do you hate the most about large-scale murals?
There’s not a lot to hate to be honest, occasionally the logistics can be a frustration, but it’s all part of the challenge, painting your work massive in the public domain all over the world. I’d be an idiot to start complaining; it’s a God-given privilege. 

Are you afraid at all when you've got to get up high to paint?
I don’t love heights, it is however something I’ve come to terms with. It’s not so much the height I’m worried about, more the idea of falling. There’s occasions when it’s more frightening than others, like when the swing stage is being blown across the wall left to right or when it gets stuck 14 stories up and the only option is to unclip and climb out ... yeah those times are frightening!

Any strange things you get inspiration from?
I think I’m pretty strange at the best of times. I’m inspired by everything around me, from the people, to the music, to city living. I live in London, so it’s a pretty inspirational place — that and L.A., I spend a good amount of time there. I guess real life inspires my work.

Do your hands ever cramp? They can't feel good after a big-ass piece of work.
I actually have pretty bad ongoing pain in my hands from drawing, painting all my life; it’s something that is kind of constant, so I don’t pay it too much attention ... maybe I should. I also get a thing called machinists finger, normally this occurs on large murals and repetitive action or from riding my motorbikes, but they’re both things I love so I get on with it.

What are your feelings on taggers?
Taggers are artists. I love tags, particularly ones with bags of style and locked down technique. Tags are the purest form of graffiti. I don’t think there’s much better than a silver drippy tag on a black metal door.

It's a Friday or Saturday night, what are you normally doing?
If it’s Friday night i’m normally in the studio working, its does depend on where in the world I am and if its summer of winter! Friday nights in the summer are normally spent drinking beers on the bench out front of the studio people watching. Saturday nights are 99 percent given over to my kids and watching a film, chilling or laughing with them and their crazy ideas.

Who do you look up to in the art world the most?
Anyone who has gone out there and made something of themselves in the art world, particularly those who have done it against the odds; it’s far, far from an easy path to take. I’m a big fan of Jim Philips.

Best advice you've ever gotten?
Not advice I’ve been given, something I read: ‘Talk minus action equals zero.'

Worst advice you've ever gotten?
That I should think about a career in the Police Force.

Favorite music artists? Who are you listening to now?
I’m a big fan of the Arctic Monkeys, but we get through a lot of music in the studio so anything with a tune and or a beat, from Trap to Rap to the good old crap.

Shameless Plug(s):
Massive shout out to my girls Ningo and Widi … thanks for always making me laugh and smile especially through the harder moments. 
If you’re in London stop through Rebels Alliance for the best coffee, apparel and custom bikes in the East Ends, and StolenSpace, the best gallery in London ... both conveniently a walk away from each other.
Also come to my show in Paris, 19th April. Be there ... or don’t be.

IG: @dface_official

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[photo credit Miranda Alam via Las Vegas Review Journal]