Munchies explained, from one stoner to another

Munchies explained, from one stoner to another

VicesFebruary 11, 2014

Welcome to Rooster's Mystery Science Super High Weed Theater! Today, we're going to be explaining to you why you ate seven burgers last night, using gifs and pictures because you're too high to understand anything else.

Well, first, you got high. Real high.

You got real high because of the THC in marijuana.

THC has the same effect on your luscious bod that fasting or skipping a meal does. It makes you a hungry, hungry hippo.

When you skip a meal or fast, your brain creates compounds. They're called endocannabinoids and they look and act similarly to THC. These chemicals drive you to eat.

Endocannabinoids and THC both bind to the same receptors in your brain that tell you that you need about 14 chalupas in your stomach right about now.

When THC binds to those receptors, it increases your sense of smell, turning you into a superhuman scent magician.

Smell is a primary driver of appetite. Things smell better when you're hungry. That's because your body needs nutrients and energy from food, so it heightens your ability to sense the the food it wants.

A heightened sense of smell also makes things taste better.

So there you have it. THC--->brain receptors--->better sense of smell--->increased appetite--->better sense of taste---> you just ate a 20-pack of pizza bagels, and there's a burrito in your pocket for later. Your mom's gonna be pissed.