New 24/7 livestream supports Denver artists in these most sucky of times

New 24/7 livestream supports Denver artists in these most sucky of times

MusicApril 01, 2020 By Brian Frederick

Bored yet, Denver?

With at least another month to go before the state allows people to creep into public places again, communities have come together to find ways to pass the time while supporting others during lockdown. Some of those hardest hit have been Colorado's wealth of creatives: musicians, gig workers, artists and the halo of supporters propping them up. Thousands. Tens of thousands. And with it the heavy uncertainty of when things (including paychecks) will get back to "normal" persists — if that's even a thing after this. 

To help those Colorado relies on most for entertainment, #WeAreDenver launched a webcast this afternoon which will stream locally made projects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each snippet includes artist contact information to donate if you can. There's also a way to pitch into a larger account that will be split amongst participating artists. All of it. #WeAreDenver takes nothing.

It's a way to stay connected in these most sucky of times. Now go wash your hands.

About #WeAreDenver:

"#WeAreDenver is a podcast / news / art collective that is helping to Define Denver from within. Started by Sampson and Ryan, #WeAreDenver is the beginning of a platform for real, interesting, and creative voices to take the stage in our growing city-state.

We Are Denver.

We are Uncensored. We are Bold. We are Dynamic.

Denver is a city that has seen more significant change than most, and the rate of that change is only increasing. As our culture dilutes, our venues are taken down, and our communities are split – we need to come together under a unified call to action.

This is it.

Help us to spotlight deserving local creatives who work their ass off, starve for their expression, and fight for their uniqueness. For as low as $50 a month, you can do that yourself in our DIY recording studio. You’ll be equipped with a camera, a microphone, and that fantastic self of yours.

Gentrification, Inequity, Conspiracy, Corruption, Creativity, and Money – everything is on the table to be discussed and dissected. If you want to learn more, or if you want to be involved, contact us via the button at the top right, or send us an email at

This city is ours. Let’s prove it.

-The team at #WeAreDenver"