New Music Video: Something Underground, "She's on Fire"

New Music Video: Something Underground, "She's on Fire"

MusicSeptember 04, 2014

Yes, take us back to Burning Man, please and thanks.

Just when we thought we’d have enough of mildly contained flames for the year, the Denver locals of Something Underground go and release a fiery mess of rock / funk fusion with its video for the single “She’s on Fire.” It’s a visually dramatic take on the single which brings us back to Beck’s older days of “Loser” fame with the video’s use of fashionable woolen hats, fish eye lens craziness and right-in-the-face close-ups.

Catch the locally strong act tonight at The Bluebird with Rocktin Groove and Hornbuckle.

Who: Something Underground feat. Rocktin Groove and Hornbuckle
Where: Bluebird Theatre (3317 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO)
When: Thursday, Sept 4 - 8:00 pm
How mush: $10 ($12 Door) Tickets HERE