October 2: Fifty Firkin Fiasco

October 2: Fifty Firkin Fiasco

EventsOctober 01, 2014

10/2 - Fifty Firkin Fiasco - Epic Brewing - $25

Missing out on the GABF doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fancy beer, head down to Epic an drink some real ale, 50 firkins of it!

Epic Brewing, who is pouring at the GABF, made 50 firkins of beer for the rest of us who weren't so lucky when it came to buying tickets (and for those of you who did get tickets and can't get enough beer). 

I can hear you muttering, "What the fuck is a firkin?" Let me educate you. A firkin is a special cask that beer is put into. It's considered a "real ale" because the beer was not cold filtered, pasteurized or carbonated by any outside sources. Firkins are also fun because brewers add crazy ingredients to them to jazz up the beer after fermentation. Once you open them you can't close'em up, so they've got to be drank today and you're invited to help.

Hurry up and get your tickets, because this event is happening tomorrow night. You get a souvenir glass, all the firkin beer you can drink and if you're one of the first hundred folks in the door you get a free T-shirt!