Orgasm-face art is here to help you tell if they're faking it

Orgasm-face art is here to help you tell if they're faking it

ArtJuly 07, 2014

In case you've ever wondered if your partner is faking an orgasm so they can get back to watching "Game of Thrones" while obliterating your beer supply, we've got a solution for you: orgasm-face photography and videography.

Lately, a few photo and video projects have sprung up documenting people in the throes of passion, and capturing the look on their faces during the moment of truth. So, we decided to compile them all right here, so you can cross-check your partner's reaction to your apologetic jackhammering with real O-faces.

In the first project, "Beautiful Agony," everyday-sexy people sent in their own footage of them orgasming to a group of Australian friends, who started the project. Viewers could sign up to a website and pay to watch the videos ... which makes it more like porn, but hey, who's counting?

The point was to show that everyone makes their own, unique face during sex, but more so when they’re cumming everywhere. Look!

They even made a little recap video for you:

The second project, lovingly entitled "Cumfaces," is from photographer Stuart Sandford. It showcases a handful of crowd-sourced male model taking selfies of their O-faces. "People express their sexualities in very different manners," said Stuart. "I just say, it’s a very intimate moment ... We all have different ways that we like to respond to that moment."

According to his photo series, some people like to respond to that moment by sleeping, so there's that. We even took the liberty of giving these guys names to help you categorize, and because we have better things to do but are definitely not going to do them.

1. The Sleeping Beauty

2. Big Sneezer

3. Alien Autopsy

4. The Marilyn Monroe

5. The Thread Count Connoisseur

6. Aqua di Gio

7. The I-Can't-Open-This-Pickle-Jar-Can-You-Help

8. Finish Him! Fatality.

9. The I'm Thinkin' Arby's

10. Legalized It

Great job!

The last project, "Hysterial Literature," has porn stars reading sensual scenes from classic books while someone tries to give them an orgasm with a vibrator under the table. Clayton's goal was to capture an actual female orgasm on film (again, porn), but the added literature part makes it artsty-fartsy enough for us to include in an "orgasm art" post. Here, check out Stoya reading a section from "Necrophilia Variations" and see if your partner has the same kind of reaction to your weener.

What did we learn today? If your partner isn't  either squishing their facial muscles like they were taking a really important shit, sleeping, or reading passages from a classic novel about having sex with death, you're not doing it right. Shit.