Presidents with Boob Faces is the Mona Lisa of our time

Presidents with Boob Faces is the Mona Lisa of our time

CultureSeptember 05, 2014

The word "art" has a tenuous and subjective definition, but we bet if we were to stop any man, woman or child on the street and ask them if these paintings of presidents with boob faces were "art," they'd all scream yes.

Similarly, if you asked a fellow citizen on the corner what was wrong with presidents these days, they'd resoundingly shout, "Lack of boobs on faces!"

There's a marriage of those two concepts in the art of Emily Deutchman, who says of her boob-faced masterpieces, "“Although the placement of each boob doodle began as an intuitive, visual response to each individual portrait rather than a political statement, I invite political interpretations as to the satirical implications in using watercolors to paint female body parts on iconic masculine images.”

Because if you think about it, everything is better with boobs on it ... even if that thing is a man who sleeps with Monica Lewinisky for a living. So we guess he already kind of had boobs on his head before all this ...