The pros and cons of letting this man come over

The pros and cons of letting this man come over

SexSeptember 25, 2013

While searching the Craigslist "personals" section, we stumbled across Ken, a humble soul whose only aspiration is to simply eat your pussy. Or if you're a guy, the pussy of the girl next to you. Which made us willingness to give face his only positive attribute? Or does he have other undiscovered amusing qualities lurking underneath his "cool guy" exterior? Follow along as we find out.

For those of you without hawk-like vision, here's what that says a little bigger...

any girls wont 2 have there pussy ass licked till you cum let me no we can meet later ill be at the bw3s in mason its Monday any race age 20 45 send pics

Huh, okay. Well, Ken, we see you offer and we'd like to consider it. But first, let's whip up a little pros/cons list to see if you're the right man for the job.


1. Basic spelling? Negative. "wont 2 have there" isn't really what you'd call...English.

2. Basic knowledge of anatomy? Don't got it. See "pussy ass."

3. Complete and utter lack of lips? Check.


1. Let's revisit the basic spelling thing: We can overlook that. He's going not going to be doing much talking.

2. Myspace angles? Oh, for sure. Check it:

3. Belt buckle with his name on it? Oh, for sure. Can't leave home without it.

4. Enthusiasm? Above average.

5. He's not ashamed of showing you what he looks like, in all his glory. He's got confidence, people.

6. Picking him out in a line-up at the local police station would be super easy (see above).

Remarkably, it seems like the pros outweigh the cons. Ken is the undisputed winner of the Craigslist cunninlingus competition. See you later, Ken!