Quickie Reviews featuring Al Kelly, Qbala, REZZ and Miike Snow

Quickie Reviews featuring Al Kelly, Qbala, REZZ and Miike Snow

MusicMarch 04, 2016 By Brian Frederick

Album reviews for those of us who know the difference between there, their and they’re. Have an album submission? Email it to us at Contact@TheRooster.com.


Al Kelly // The Gate EP

Al Kelly has an interesting sound. The surge of instrumentation rolling unforgivingly through each track is a unique take on an up-tempo vibe; but his addition of hip-hop backends solidify each of the 3 entries as entertaining songs in their own right. It’s a wild style, but sounds infinitely more complete with vocals, as proven by the Jilly.fm-accompanied “Weeks Apart.” Regardless of where he’s at now, we’re looking forward to seeing what comes of Al Kelly moving forward.

Qbala // Battle Cries

Residents of Fort Collins have likely already heard of Qbala, an adept hometown emcee poised to break through to major markets. Audibly painting stories of growth and struggle through quick-tongued lyricism, Battle Cries is a fourth release from the talented artist. Unlike most popular hip-hop today, drenched with trapped beats and auto-tune trickery, Qbala’s style is driven by forward thinking, in your face vocal structure that could entertain even the strictest of purists. This is good.


REZZ // The Silence Is Deafening EP

If you’re down for some of the creepier sounds electronic producers manipulate, look towards REZZ, an up and comer who recently dropped her biggest EP to date on deadmau5’s label mau5trap. It’s in the same kind of vein as artists like Trent Reznor and Gesaffelstein, but is still a powerful introduction to her darkness meets industrial sound. If any future work is close to our favorite of the tracks, “Lost (feat. DelaneyJane),” then we foresee a viable career out of the young artist.

Miike Snow // iii

While the name might be a little misleading for some, Miike Snow is in fact three people in one impressive synthpop act. What’s best, vocalist Andrew Wyatt is unrelenting in his soprano delivery, often drawing comparisons to disco greats like the BeeGees. The entire album will make everyone move like it’s the ‘70s, too. Its single, “Ghengis Khan,” is a shining example, a fluttery track demanding dance obedience from listeners. Also featuring acts Charli XCX and Run The Jewels, iii is a must listen.