Quickie Reviews featuring Lily Fangz, BooBoo TiTi, Psy and Lil Durk

Quickie Reviews featuring Lily Fangz, BooBoo TiTi, Psy and Lil Durk

MusicJanuary 08, 2016 By Brian Frederick

Album reviews for those of us who dig what everyone else is burying. Have an album submission? Email it to us at Contact@TheRooster.com


Lily Fangz // Fresh Air

Hands down one of the best musical and vocal talents in Colorado (and, fuck it, beyond this state too) is Lily Fangz. Not only does she swoon like an unfettered swan, but her quick and creative rhyme structure is of a proper elegance to behold. Fresh Air, produced by also-local Ignelzi, is a 5-track romp through the sack of positivity. Parts hip-hop, parts R&B and all soul, the collection of work drips enough emotion the levee may soon break. Elevate your mind.

BooBoo TiTi // #titiclub

Here comes BooBoo TiTi, with its raw sax, dirty bass lines, free-spirited vocal themes and hedonistic party anthems. #titiclub is a rager. We hate to pull parallels, but if you were ever down with some of 3oh!3’s earlier stuff, the joking party vibe with little to no shame, you’re going to be into BooBoo TiTi. It’s not taking anything too seriously, and in this overbearing climate of sticklers, it’s a refreshing run away from the pace.


Psy // Psy 7th Album

There’s only one word on this entire album we can understand: “Daddy.” Really though, that element doesn’t take anything away from the perpetual anomaly that is Psy. He owns the Internet, period. And we’re not afraid to admit that we actually like that about him. Psy 7th Album is catchy, emotional and riddled with tracks waiting to be thrown into club mixes. We don’t know how he does it, but he does — and you have to respect that.

Lil Durk // 300 Days, 300 Nights

Featuring strong marquis draws such as Meek Mill (btw: Meek > Drake), Dej Loaf, Future and others, the newest mixtape from Lil Durk is an unrelenting piece of work. Each of the 20 tracks is worthy of a few spins, but if you’re looking for one that goes well with romance, check out “My Beyoncé,” easily the sexiest of the mix. The Chicago-based emcee is on a quick rise right now, it’s only a matter of time before we see the name everywhere.