Quickie Reviews: Na'an Stop, Smoky Bare, Night Terrors of 1927 and JK Soul

Quickie Reviews: Na'an Stop, Smoky Bare, Night Terrors of 1927 and JK Soul

MusicFebruary 05, 2015 By Brian Frederick

Album reviews for those of us who question the prevalence of time while exploring the possibilities of tonal structure. Deep! Have an album submission? Email it to us at Contact@TheRooster.com


Na’an Stop // From The Deep

If energy is the name of the game, then consider Na’an Stop the instruction pamphlet! Wait, what? Stationed amongst the beautiful irons of Boulder, CO, the aptly named reggae-infused, ska-force, hip-hop everything band is making a case to be the most buzzed-about act in the state. “From The Deep” is all Colorado, meaning it’s a psychedelia-packed onslaught with a flare for jam-type fusions. Horns, reggae, sunshine, weed — need we more for proper fulfillment?

Smoky Bare // Stage Lights EP

Smoky Bare is an up-and-coming Denver emcee with a unique visionary mind. His beats are hardly what you’d expect from a standard hip-hop album and appeal to the darker senses with a certain indescribable comfort. His standout track, “Pitch Black,” is an oddity. It’s driven with a slow-tempo drawl, eerie vocals and strangely haunting backend. It also tries to answer age-old quandaries like “how much weed does it take to stuff into my cigar?”


Night Terrors of 1927 // Everything’s Coming Up Roses

We’ve spent the past few years awash with synth-heavy indie bands, so much so that the lot of them tend to melt into each other like backseat candy bars. It takes something special to break out of the redundant mess and with the new album from the duo in Night Terrors of 1927, we believe they’ve done it. Addictive tracks such as “Dust and Bones” or “When You Were Mine” are a far cry from the mundane.

JK Soul // When There Is No Sun

Recently released on Michal Menert’s Super Best Records, “When There Is No Sun” is the debut LP from Slovenian glitch-hop producer JK Soul. From a small coastal city near Italy, JK Soul tells a melodic story of his trials and tribulations through wandering and relaxing soundscapes. Try not to unwind too comfortably though, because the mysterious album can turn up without warning, making it either good company for much-needed downtime or a slowly ascending way to go into the weekend.