Quickie Reviews: RUMTUM, The Royal, Poliça, and Lizzo

Quickie Reviews: RUMTUM, The Royal, Poliça, and Lizzo

MusicNovember 07, 2013

Quickie Reviews: November 2013

Life is fast. Keeping up with it is hard. We drop the unnecessary pretention and filler in our reviews so that our readers can enjoy what little time is left on this planet. Have an album submission? Email it to us at RoosterMagazine@gmail.com. 


RUMTUM/ Mystic Wonders

Dropped just last month, “Mystic Wonders” is the debut album from experimental / electronic artist RUMTUM. The album is a first on his newly acquired 1320 Records imprint, a label he shares with Big Gigantic, Bassnectar and STS9 – among others. It’s a hypnagogic ride of mind fuckery and head bopping worthy of infinite listens.

The Royal/ Forever Endeavor

Longtime devotees of Colorado local music will recognize frontman Tyler Hayden’s bellow almost immediately in The Royal’s debut album “Forever Endeavor.” It’s a full LP that’s managed to bypass redundant filler. Every single track is capable of being a breakout hit for the outfit, and will surge past any kind of rookie-album designations.


Poliça/ Shulamith

The Minneapolis based synthpop outfit Poliça (POE-LISA) is garnering the attention of listeners worldwide, and its newly released “Shulamith” is only widening the company. Channy Leaneagh’s tender vocals writhe within in a culture-transcendent vibe that underlines the member’s quest for musical autonomy. “Shulamith” is a dream creator.

Lizzo/ Lizzobangers

It’s easy to say that artist A is the next big thing in genre B so go C for yourself, and be done with it. But when an artist like Lizzo comes around and evokes the legacy of greats like MC Lyte, Da Brat and Lil’ Kim – we’d be stupid not to address the cliché. Lizzo will break out, and Lizzobangers is the beginning.