Real money casinos or social casinos, the difference

Real money casinos or social casinos, the difference

VicesJune 09, 2017

To describe briefly the concept of social casinos, these are all the online games themed in casinos where you play just for fun without betting with real money, they’re usually hosted by social media channels like Facebook which gave them the name of social casinos.

So, we have already explained the first difference between real money casinos and social casinos, in real money casinos you can withdraw your earnings and in social casinos; the earnings of the game are just virtual. The fact that you can’t cash your social casino earnings doesn’t mean you can’t deposit to your account, usually this type of casinos works with virtual coins or points and most of these platforms sells points for real money, so even when you enter money to both types of casinos you can only cash it from real money casinos.

Another differentiating factor is the advertisement; real money casinos are regularly ads free, and social casinos usually display several advertisements as it’s one of their main income channels.

The industry members are also different for these casino categories. Big developers of social media games are the first ones investing in, and creating social casinos. While in real money casinos you’ll find almost always the names of Microgaming or Playtech, when talking about social casinos the market is competed by companies like Playtika, Zynga or Big Fish Games.

There’s also a new trend in this industry; as social casinos gain more popularity they start coughing the attention of the gambling industry professionals who are starting to venture in this casino modality, a notable example of this trend is Playtika, the biggest developer of social casino apps, that was acquired by a division of Caesar Entertainment Corporation a leader of the global gambling industry with a net revenue of 9,053B dollars.

Another big difference between real money and social casinos is related to the way users select their casinos. The priorities are completely different for these modalities because in real money casinos the safety is very important and comes first than game options or betting modalities. Before creating an account in any of real money casino you must make sure the platform is trustful, regulated and transparent with the information so you can be sure you won’t be involved in a fraud. A good way to measure the credibility of casinos is by analyzing their reputation among other users, read their comments so you can have a full picture of what to expect from an existing user of the platform.

The regulations are always important for real money casinos, they must monitor every modification in a country regulation related to their activities and modify their offering accordingly, in such a dynamic environment real money casinos invest time and effort to respect every market restrictions and avoid fines, an important work that social casinos don’t do since they’re just categorized as games and not gambling activities. But this might change soon as the discussion of whether social casinos should be regulated or not keeps heating up and people are concerned about the impact these games might have in children on the long term.

The interaction between players is also different in a real money casino and in a social casino, even though the interaction between users have become a priority among real money online casinos that now offer live betting games where players can interact with other real players and croupiers, the importance of players interaction remains more crucial in social casinos as one the bases of their functionality is to connect, interact and compete against other users, where leaderboards are priority and in real money casinos the main objective is to win money.

For several users, social casinos are the perfect way to practice before playing in real money casinos. Whenever you want to try a new casino game you can create an account in a social casino and play just for fun until you fully understand the game and you have developed a strategy to win, then you can subscribe to a real money casino where you can bet and win real money with your favorite casino games.