Reuben sandwich deep fried in PBR beer batter gives us feelings we've never felt before

Reuben sandwich deep fried in PBR beer batter gives us feelings we've never felt before

CultureFebruary 22, 2016

Take a moment from the disaster you call your life and focus on the decadent creation of Nick Chapman, aka Food Dude. His twisted mind dreamt up the idea that you could take a Reuben sandwich, deep fry it in PBR beer batter and call it the Pabst Blue Reuben. The result is a delicious mouthgasm of tender corn beef, melty cheese, crunchy sauerkraut and creamy dressing, all tucked away within the confines of buttered toast then deep fried in every hipster’s favorite cheap beer. And with that we say fuck the bikini bod or any attempt to get in shape and indulge in the best that life has to offer.



Pabst Blue Reuben

3 qt vegetable oil

1 can plus 3 cups Pabst Blue Ribbon beer

3 c flour

½ lb corned beef
4 slices Swiss cheese

¼ c sauerkraut, drained
2 slices rye bread

1 tbsp butter

Thousand Island or Russian dressing

1) Pour vegetable oil into a deep fryer or a deep pot and heat to 375 degrees.

2) Combine flour and 3 cups of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in a bowl to create beer batter.

3) Preheat a skillet or griddle on medium heat.

4) Place corned beef in skillet, top with Swiss cheese and cover until cheese is melted.

5) Butter bread and place face down on skillet until browned.

6) Top bottom slice of bread with corned beef, cheese and sauerkraut. Spread dressing on remaining slice of bread and place on top of sandwich.

7) Dip sandwich in beer batter, covering it completely and use a spatula to transfer it to your deep fryer or pot.

8) Deep fry for three minutes or until sandwich is golden brown.

9) Slice sandwich in half, dip in dressing, and crack open a Pabst to drink along with it.