Ridiculous product of the day: Fundies

Ridiculous product of the day: Fundies

CultureSeptember 17, 2013

You know how they say dreams come true?

So do nightmares. Meet "Fundies," the underwear built for two.


We dare you to get in there with her.

This mutant pair features four leg holes and two butts so you and your partner can prance around the house like a science experiment gone wrong, giggling uncomfortably because the awkwardness is supposed to make you bond but really you're just two people in one pair of underpants. Slip them on and slip into hell.

Here are some pros and cons in case you're thinking of castrating yourself by buying a pair.

PROS (from the website that sells them):

1. Helps you "achieve togetherness."

2. Saves money on laundry.

3. Helps you eliminate that whole "let's have sex" thing, because you're practically already having it. Efficient!

4. Detect as little as an 0.5 oz weight gain instantly.


1. Look at them. We think that pretty much sums it up.

2. You have to take them off to have sex anyway, so...definitely buy these, because if you do you shouldn't be having sex anyway.

Are you sickened beyond comprehension yet? No? Okay, fuck it then. We're gonna have to show you this: