So ... wanna go to Mars and never come back? These people do.

So ... wanna go to Mars and never come back? These people do.

CultureApril 02, 2014

Let's all sit around in a circle, maybe do some "pot" as the kids call it, and consider the mind-broadening deep thought of the day: going to Mars. Whoa, man.

Would you go? Would you leave your friends and family and loyally devoted hairdresser forever in the name of advancing humankind? These people would ... even if it means never coming back.

They're applicants for the Mars One project, a enterprise to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Over 200,000 people applied to participate in the project, but despite the astonishing technology it'll take to get them there, no current technology exists to bring them home.

What sort of person would volunteer to fling themselves through space and time to populate a planet that's light years away? Well, the kind of people in this short documentary called "Mars One Way," which examines five hopeful Mars One astronauts as they consider the reality of leaving earth forever. Man, this acid is really kicking in ...

Mars One Way from VITA BREVIS FILMS on Vimeo.