SunSquabi on its new video 'SteamCat' and creating during quarantine

SunSquabi on its new video 'SteamCat' and creating during quarantine

MusicApril 20, 2020 By Brian Frederick

One thing's for certain, we're all in this together. Meaning, while you sit and stare longingly out the window, so too does everyone else on the planet — including creatives.

And the bummer for them is that they're not able to bring art unto thine world unless it's on the Internet. Which is why groups have gotten together lately to deliver what it is they do in the easiest format. One such event begins today and is called 420 for a Cause, a livestream fundraiser supporting Colorado Comedy Relief Fund, Colorado Restaurant Association, Eddie Roberts Payback Foundation, and the Colorado COVID Relief Fund.

It'll feature music performances from members of The Disco Biscuits, Thievery Corporation, Lotus, The Motet and SubSquabi, a Colorado-based act that will have its new video for "Steam Cat" featured during the stream.

Before the event kicks off, Kevin Donohue of SunSquabi sat down with us to give some As to our Qs.

How is everyone? We hope you're staying safe and sane?
We are doing well, we've been communicating and keeping plans in motion for as soon as they let us out of the house. We're working on a new album and some other projects so it hasn't been too boring.

First thing's first: What has been your go-to quarantine snack?
Pizza rolls in the air fryer baby. Homemade French fries too oowee!

What do you miss most about the world 'out there'?
We miss being on stage together and with all of our friends. I'm glad to see that this time is giving everyone time to let go of what we don't need 'out there' and I think we'll all come out stronger 

And now music: Why do you think Colorado is home to so many great artists?
Colorado has just always been a hub for creative people especially musicians. I've been here my whole life and the environment definitely encourages you to have an open mind and appreciate nature at its finest. If art imitates nature/life then Colorado is the perfect place to make art.

Have there been any songs created while under Corona lockdown?
Tons. I've been working on new ideas almost every day and again we are finishing up a new album that we had almost finished before we left for spring tour.

You just dropped a new animated video for 'SteamCat': tell us a bit about that and where the idea for it came from.
We have just been huge fans of the late night Adult Swim kind of vibes set to music for a long time. Animation is just a really free medium and we like seeing what people can do with it.

Is the intention of it to get really stoned and just zone out for five-and-a-half minutes? Because that's what happened to us ...
[laughs] You can do whatever you want with it that's the best part. 

Do you feel like online music streams will become more of a thing moving forward?
We think in the coming months that everyone will get really creative as to how to best reach all their fans out there without being able to play shows. Streams in one form or another will be king and the more interactive, the better.

What else do you want our readers to know about the future of SunSquabi?
We miss everybody out there and we have a ton of new music coming for you! We can all get through this together and we can't wait to play a show on the other side!