The End of a Decade: Instagram Looking Forward

The End of a Decade: Instagram Looking Forward

CultureFebruary 05, 2020

Can you believe that 2010 was a decade ago? This means that the award-winning social media platform Instagram is a decade old, and still running strong. From humble beginnings to social media powerhouse, this simple yet powerful app started off with just a few users and has grown to one of the biggest communities on the web. 

With a decade behind them, Instagram’s staff hope to soar into the next decade with as much finesse and care as they have the past ten years. Here’s what Instagram looks like so far for the near future. 

Purges Will Continue 

Instagram remains dedicated to purging the platform of fake or bot accounts that only serve to make the social media app less authentic. This authenticity problem has haunted Instagram for many years, causing more than its share of users to either delete their accounts or just stop using the service altogether. As we move into a new decade, Instagram is determined to keep its platform as “clean” as possible and reduce the number of bot accounts present. 

If you buy Instagram likes or followers, be wary of the service from which you buy. 

Sites like ViralRace offer high-quality, 100% real and active users, whereas other sites take your money, send bot accounts to your page, and that’s that. Now you’re left with fake accounts linked to your page, no real engagement with your followers, and the risk of having your account flagged or deleted. 

The app will continue to purge as many fake accounts as possible, but without the help of the community, it can’t possibly catch them all. So, if you see an account that is clearly suspicious or downright fake, don’t be afraid to flag it. That way, we can all help to make the platform a better place for everyone.  

IGTV for Video Content 

IGTV is a standalone video app created by Instagram to give its users a better platform on which to create and share long-form video content. Before, Instagram limited all video content to a specific length, which prevented maximum expression among users whose content is almost strictly video-based. This also caused some users to turn to other platforms for video content, like YouTube or Facebook. 

With IGTV, Instagram hopes to stand up to the big names in the video industry like YouTube. Content is now allowed up to one hour of run time, allowing for much greater diversity among the video content on Instagram. While you will need to download a separate app, this is Instagram’s way of leaping headfirst into the future and getting its hands on what’s slated to be the king of content. 

Some of the biggest names on Instagram have already taken to the platform, so if you haven’t checked out IGTV yet, now is the time! Get on board while the app is still in its prime right off the presses for some of the best content available. 

Instagram for Business

Instagram for business has made Instagram a must-have for businesses and brands of all sizes. The business account can be acquired for free and you can’t do better than free. You’ll get a contact button on your page, which means potential customers can easily get in touch with you instead of having to comb your bio or page for a phone number. 

In addition to a contact button, you’ll get analytics tools to give you amazing insights into the success of your page. Not sure where your hashtags are ending up or if they’re generating any attention? Your analytics info can tell you everything you need to know about where your followers and visitors are coming from, how your page is performing, and what you need to do to reach trending status. 

Focus on Authenticity

On a platform where filters cover everything, lives are often highlighted instead of treated with honesty, and it can be difficult to find authentic people and content, it’s time for shift; Instagram is up to the challenge. After years of feedback and complaints surrounding the authenticity of the content and the alleged mental health conditions such an environment could be responsible for, Instagram has begun testing the removal of its “likes” altogether. 

This move is aimed at making Instagram a more user-friendly environment and taking some of the pressure off of an especially younger user base. Instagram hopes that the shift will make users more appreciative of content over likes and followers and that the social validation will be of less consequence for its users. 


Constantly Working to Prevent Bullying or other Harmful Acts

In addition to improving the platform’s authenticity, Instagram will continue to work to minimize acts of bullying and other malicious behavior on the platform and in the world at large. It’s already had an impact in its first ten years on beauty standards, with models from all walks of life shaking up how we view traditional “beauty”.

Whether it’s a plus-size model tearing up the runway and paving the way for new beauty standards, or increased awareness about a myriad of world issues, it’s clear that Instagram is a platform for some amazing change. The users are dedicated to creating a unified platform and supporting each other in pursuit of a brighter future. 

A Growing Community One Billion Strong 

With a decade now behind it, Instagram has grown from just a few million dedicated users to an online community hub over one billion strong. Businesses, brands, politicians, influencers, and people from all over the globe use Instagram to laugh, empathize, and grow closer to the people around them. 

Discovering new content can be incredibly exciting, and Instagram continues to optimize hashtags and search options so that content gets delivered to the right people. If you’re not a part of this growing community, it’s a good time to join. 

Changes are forthcoming, and Instagram is one of the few platforms that pay close attention to their users. Sign up today and become part of a worldwide community that you can be proud of.