This is true art in its purest form. Who's the idiot now, Picasso?

This is true art in its purest form. Who's the idiot now, Picasso?

ArtOctober 24, 2013

Some internet trolls have asked, "Is this the best Etsy store ever?" But we just won't tolerate stupid questions like that.

The store they're referring to is, of course, BTSJ, the pride at joy of Etsy. Artist Brad Troemel uses found materials and stuff to make what he calls "some of the most significantly organic, inscrutably rare, and immeasurably valuable products on Etsy."

Below you will find art at its purest, and highest form. Original work titles have been retained to preserve originality, and the artist's comments on each piece are listed below the item. Please enjoy basking in the ethereal light that is the artistic wonder of BTSJ.

1. anonymous Vegetable or Fruit object with single ORANGE SPONGE inserted into carved out hole the size of a single ORANGE sponge in the thing


2. CUSTOMIZABLE four letter word from Trader Joe's melatonin spelled out and glued on an Open Source CACTUS (On Demand Production For Fun) Hand


3. LIVE STRONG yellow Hotdog, Pen, and Q-Tip HOLDER / The Exquisite Design You Trust & The Phenomenal Tastes You Grew Up With (Quite Limited)


4. PERFECT chair decoration for two chairs very close together that no one can sit in SLIMJIM threaded through two pink SNOWBALLS coconut


5. MIKES classic HARDMARGARITA and Twisted Trojans


6. VARIABLE amount of N.O. Explode (GNC) shipped with top on (Tropical Berry)




8. SEASONAL DECOR applewood farms organic uncured HOTDOG in L'il Pumpkin (Aka Yung Pumpkin) Very Cute simultaneously agreed upon (Unique)


9. sensual ROSE with mildly customizable 6 inch Subway MEATBALL with red onions, black olives, and swiss cheese (Show them you love) Have silly


10. SMILEY FACE BALLOON with 16 oz pile of clear Los Angeles Looks hair gel squirted on top of heat deflation point (Birthday Tonight show love)