Trump Donald is the greatest website ever built

Trump Donald is the greatest website ever built

CultureMarch 27, 2017

Have a few minutes at work right now you'd like to eat up while doing something not-so-productive but also kinda childish?

Go here and let the good times roll:

That's right, it's really not much else other than clicking a button to make electronic Donald's hair go crazy from the sick sounds of a pretend trumpet. What, you thought this would be an actual article with actual things to learn?

Nope, just a few of our favorite screenshots ...

The site garnered over 6.5 million hits just last month and has a growing total of over 630 million toot-toots to the Don's dome. It's safe to say this thing is a success. 

Sometimes all you need is a little creativity and the gusto to make it happen. 

The End.