Watching skiers insult snowboarders in 1985 is YouTube gold

CultureOctober 18, 2017 By Brian Frederick

Winter's on its way back, which means for some, the season of recklessly careening down a mountain on overpriced plastic sleds barely attached to your shoes is right around the corner. But there's a history there, a battle fought not long ago on the snow-packed slopes that saw skiers and snowboarders taking sides and demanding resolution. The above video shows just how hated snowboarding was back in the day — hated all the way up until someone realized there was a ton of money to be made, that is.

Then it kind of, you know, silently went away, but not before news stations could archive video gold. 

"Even if snowboarding is just another California fad, the people who work on local ski hills say one season, is one too many ..."