Weedstock: The Woodstock of 2013

Weedstock: The Woodstock of 2013

VicesSeptember 18, 2013

Remember Woodstock? Neither do we. We were sperm in our father's testicles in 1969. Thankfully, there's another "-stock" you can remember: The Weedstock Festival.

This two-day cannabis carnival is being thrown by Rev. B. Baker of Greenfaith Ministery, the nation's first federally-approved marijuana-themed church.

When: September 21 & 22

Where: Northern Colorado (see website for directions)

Cost: $20 for regular, $40 for VIP

The Fun Things:

- Live music from 12 local bands

- Private camping in lush Northern Colorado

- VIP gift bags with free weed, dabs, and concessions

- Tons of people who love weed and the marijuana movement coming together for a two day party