Where online gambling all began

Where online gambling all began

VicesMay 12, 2018

It was way back in 2007 (January 7th to be exact) the late Steve Jobs, legendary CEO of Apple Inc, introduced three products that were to revolutionise how we interacted with our mobile phones, but I wonder just how much change was envisioned?

Those three products consisted of a breakthrough internet communicator, a revolutionary mobile phone and a widescreen iPod that had touch controls, all incorporated into one, beautiful device, the iPhone.

Seeing the potential of the smartphone marked a complete change in the consumer electronic industry, with the very first iPhone boasting several features that improved upon any other smartphones on the market including getting rid of a keyboard which created more screen space, multi-touch technology enabled a more flexible user interface and technology that enabled new gesture commands.

By 2015 almost two thirds of all US citizens owned a smartphone, and it is projected that by this year approximately one third of the world's population will own a smartphone with nearly 1.5 billion plus smartphones already been sold. Apple itself has seen sales increase from 270,000 back in 2007 to staggering 78.3 million units in the first quarter of 2017.

iPhone sales are impressive but Apple's sales are well matched and then overtaken by Android smartphone sales, with those developed by Google selling in excess of 1.27 billion units in 2016.

With so many people owning a smartphone world-wide, spin off industries have sprung up becoming both successful and common place in today's society.

We all lead busy lives, in fact, it feels like there are too few hours in the day to complete what we need to do. Luckily the smartphone is able to take care of many of those daily tasks that used to take up even more precious time. Today we can bank, browse, pay for goods and services, keep in touch with friends and family via our favourite social media sites, book a restaurant, holiday or spa, amongst other things that would have taken up so much time.

Statistics are also showing that increasing numbers of people are sourcing their entertainment via their smartphones, and as smartphones have larger screens it is far more enjoyable to play at one of the top UK online casino sites that offer a full package of entertainment from all of the classics to slot games and instants, and as technology advances so do the games which offer us not only an enjoyable time but great graphics, video and audio clips to enhance games play even further.

Our smartphones are not only the 'must have' fashion accessory they have become the essential piece of kit, and to either lose or have one stolen can be viewed by many as minor disaster, and no matter what the future holds as far as technology is concerned we can be sure that it's still going to be mobile.