Who wants a Justin Bieber mustache ride?

Who wants a Justin Bieber mustache ride?

CultureSeptember 11, 2013

Are you wearing your riding boots? Because Justin Bieber has sprouted a mysterious new mustache that'll take you on a wild ride to Puberty Island.


That's right ladies and Bieber-sexual guys, he's becoming a man. What a better way for him to show you he's nearing the finish line of puberty than getting up close and personal with that wispy upper-lip fluff?

Bieber's evolution from boy to slightly hairier boy began last week when he started posting pictures of himself on Instagram, sporting his newborn womb-broom for all to see:

It's first official public appearance was, ironically, at New York Fashion Week. The man sitting behind him is just as astonished as we are!

Whoa there, Bieber. Your stache is looking a little out of control. Seems like you need some tips on how to mow your lip grass. That's what this is for: