Organic tattoos coming to a Whole Foods near you

Organic tattoos coming to a Whole Foods near you

PoliticsFebruary 16, 2016 By Simon Berger

In Colorado, Whole Foods is the health food mecca, a confluence of dirty hippies and beautiful people that jointly feast on the high prices and a quixotic artisan adventures within the isles. Sure the same product at Whole Foods is twice as expensive as King Soopers but it just feels healthier at Whole Foods.

Flower Children are catching on though and have turned to cheaper supermarket alternatives for their quinoa ball recipe ingredients and Whole Foods isn’t happy. Last year, the supermarket chain saw a 2 percent drop in sales across stores open longer than a year, meaning someone wasn’t doing their job. To counter the decline, the company has introduced a cheaper supermarket concept for the savvy shopper called 365. And in an effort to grab the millennial shopper, the new stores will also allow tattoo parlors and record stores to open under the same roof. Think of it like your old, yoga-touting uncle trying to be hip and cool by getting a butterfly tattoo on his lower back.

The concept might have legs though and we always appreciate when local entrepreneurs have opportunities in the community. Co-CEO Walter Robb told Bloomberg they’re calling it "Friends of 365" where the supermarket chain would partner with third-party vendors that would set up in stores.

“Friends of 365 is an opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to operate within our stores and connect with our community. Whether you're into fast-casual food service, breakthrough retail (body care products, clothing, shoes, housewares, pet, etc.) or cool street services (barber shop, knife sharpening, bike shop, fitness) — if you've got a thriving business ready to go all the way live, we want to hear from you.”

Next time you’re in the market for an organic spaghetti squash and a tribal tattoo, head on over to Whole Foods 365.