Why do you think this guy gives us yet another reason not to go to Florida?

Why do you think this guy gives us yet another reason not to go to Florida?

VicesJuly 29, 2013

This guy's name is James Lee Lyons and he's a registered sex predator in the state of Florida. If you guessed that he was a sex offender, you'd be right. But that wouldn't be the full story. What you might not have guessed from the photo is that James was recently arrested after his neighbor complained to detectives that James sexually abused his dog. 

According to detectives, when the neighbor couldn't find one of his dogs after letting them out to go to the bathroom, he saw Lyons carrying his dog around the corner. The neighbor approached James and got his dog back but not until noticing that the dog was acting stand-offish and had damage to the animal's rectum and vuvla. 

After taking the animal to the vet, the neighbor received what we can only imagine to be the strangest news a dog owner can receive, that his dog had been raped and sexually abused by a fellow human being. 

An ABC affiliate had the story: 

St. Johns County Sheriff's deputies arrested 52-year-old James Lee Lyons after his neighbor complained to detectives that Lyons sexually abused his dog.

The neighbor says he let two of his dogs out Monday afternoon before a thunderstorm. The neighbor says one dog returned the other did not. The neighbor says he searched all over for the dog but couldn't find it.

The neighbor says he later saw Lyons carrying his dog. The neighbor told police he asked Lyons where he found the dog. Lyons reportedly told the neighbor he found the dog in the shed. The neighbor questioned that story because he says he had already checked that location.

The neighbor says he noticed the dog acting withdrawn, as well as injuries to the dogs rectum and vulva.

The neighbor called Animal Control. Animal Control officials urged the man to take the dog to the vet.

Special Victim's detectives were then called in to investigate.

They arrested Lyons Friday morning on charges of animal cruelty and sexual activity involving an animal.

First it was sex with a pit bull, then cats and now this. It's only a matter of time before an online dating site for animal fuckers comes into existence.