Why hunting for roommates on Craigslist is a delicate art form

Why hunting for roommates on Craigslist is a delicate art form

VicesSeptember 17, 2013

Finding a roommate on Craigslist can be an unsavory bitch of an experience. Thankfully, we've compiled a guide to finding the perfect one, using a few expertly composed 'roommate wanted' ads we found.

1. Always be honest and straightforward about the property you are offering; you want to make sure the new roommate is a good fit for you and your other roomies.


2. Green is the new black. You can charge your new roommate much more for your property if you advertise it as being eco-friendly.


3. There are a lot of people on the market for short-term leases. Month to month, day to day...blowjob to blowjob...Just make sure you specify exactly how long the rental period will be.

4. Make sure to emphasize how much space your new tenant will have. No one wants to live somewhere they'll feel cramped.

5. Always work out rent issues before the tenant moves in. Who's going to pay for what?

6. Ask for exactly what you're looking for in a tenant or roommate. The right person will come along.

7. Really emphasize the pros of your property to attract as many potential roommates as possible so you can choose the best one.


8. Be honest about what type of activities take place in your house- you want a tenant or roommate that'll be cool with your shit.

9. If you're not looking for a new BFF that's fine. Just say so, because you'll attract someone that feels the same about shared living situations.

10. Always include pictures in your ad so your future roomies know what they're getting themselvess into!