Wild boars decimate $22,000 stash of cocaine in one of Italy’s strangest drug-busts to date

Wild boars decimate $22,000 stash of cocaine in one of Italy’s strangest drug-busts to date

A pack of lucky pigs stumbled into a massive drug bust

VicesJanuary 21, 2020 By Will Brendza

When Tuscan police tapped the phones of several suspected drug dealers, the conversation they heard surprised them. The criminals were talking about pigs — not the police — actual pigs, that had just destroyed a huge cache of their cocaine, a jackpot find worth some $22,000.

At the time, these police weren’t really looking for drugs. They were actually investigating the 2019 murder of an Albanian woman, when the suspects phone call about the boar bust was overheard.

Their luck was almost as good as the pigs’ it seems. Almost.

Apparently, the pack of between 30-50 wild hogs (known as cinghiale in those parts), sniffed out the stash all on their own. Following those notoriously large noses of theirs, they sought out a shipment of cocaine hidden in the foothills of the Tuscan Alps. At which point, they promptly got down to the business of getting down: tearing into the massive stockpile, snorting, gumming and devouring brick after brick. Until there was nothing left.

Sadly, because police only heard about the incident after the fact, there is little to no information on what transpired after these pigs got their noses into such a substantial quantity of blow. But, it’s probably safe to assume they had one of the most legendary pig parties of all time — an epic boargy, if you will.

Curiously, not one dead boar was discovered when police went to investigate the area. Which means that, either those pigs know how to party responsibly, or they have an insane tolerance to cocaine.

OR, maybe, when the dealers found that their stash had been destroyed, and discovered dead pigs OD’d all over the place, they removed the porky-evidence so no one would come asking questions. And, realistically, if the Italian police hadn’t heard that conversation about the boar fiasco, this strange incident would have probably been lost to history and swept under the rug entirely.

Unfortunately for the mafiosos who that stash belonged to, though, the police were listening at the right time. They promptly hunted down and apprehended two of the suspects, and two more have since been placed under house arrest.

The pigs really did a good job on this one.