You'll never guess which country takes the most shots

You'll never guess which country takes the most shots

VicesFebruary 04, 2014

You may think Russians drink the most...we mean hell, have you seen those dash-cam videos on YouTube? But there’s one country out there who’s drinking habits makes Russia look like a giant straightedge cult, and it’s...drumroll please…

South Korea? According to this graph, yes. South Korea is a nation of liquor-whispers, out-drinking mother Russia by more than twice as much.

Yep. South Koreans consume, on average, 14 shots per week, while Russians are barely keeping up at a measly six. Although, to their credit, Russians are the second-best shot takers in the world; science shows the next best countries at drinking, the Philippines, Thailand, and Japan, all down around five shots of the good stuff every week. Wimps.

And where is the US on the fun-ness spectrum? Bringing up the behind at #10. On average, we drink about 3 shots every week, which is probably offset by the staggering amount of beer we consume, because shit, we can. How else do you think we got so fatty McFat?

So kids, what's the moral of the story? We've got a long way to go to catch up to South Korea, so it's time to break out that Jose Cuervo and get crackin' if we're going to stand a chance here, you guys. 'Merica!