A morning beer? Sweating in a sauna? Putting two kiwi halves in your armpits? It’s hard to tell which hangover cures are legit, so we went to the source and asked 10 bartenders around the world for their go-to hangover remedies.

Get sloppy and test these cures… 

“I try to drink as much water as I can before bed. Hydration seems to be the biggest thing for me, personally. When I wake up in the morning it’s a cup of black coffee and some avocado toast. I made the decision to drink the night before so I’m a ‘power-through’ kind of person. If I can wake up and just get my day started by either jumping into emails or projects for the day, I find the hangovers don’t kill me. If I lay in bed unproductive I feel it all day long.”

Shawn Campbell, Bartender 


“My go-to is to just drink a butt-load of water and force myself to workout. I like to do some boxing training, hot yoga, or sometimes just a run— something to get me sweating and get my endorphins fired up.”

Jim Kenyon, Bartender



Alex Jump, Bartender/Bar Manager 


“My preferred remedies includes; drinking a bottle of water before going to bed with two aspirin pills, the earlier the better. I often find having a beer first thing in the morning is also a great cure. Takes some convincing but you won’t regret it.”

Morten Krag, Mixologist 


“Lots of water before bed. Soda water and bitters with some fresh lemon or lime juice. Or a shot and a light beer (like Bud Diesel not Bud Light) with a bacon, egg, and cheese. CBD has dome some wonders for me in the past as well.”

Gerard Chamberlain, Bartender 


“My immediate fix is a frozen drink: a fruity smoothie of sorts soothes my senses. However, my whole-body cure is a homemade Vietnamese pho. If I have friends visiting from out of town, I buy quarts from my favorite Vietnamese restaurant. I tried ordering a barrel one time but they hung up on me.”

Josue “The Garnish Guy” Romero, Bartender 


“It’s gotta be an egg white reposado tequila sour— honey or agave, if available— with a tiny beer side guy. The egg white gives that protein and the tequila (always what I’ve been shooting the night before) is that hair of the dog. Agave keeps my spirits up. Also like six unflavored La Croixs. Cheese, weed, and orgasms must also be involved.” 

Anna Rogo, Bartender


“I swear by drinking Pedialyte before and after going out. Make sure to eat a full meal before going out [and] a glass of water with every drink. The first thing I do when I wake up after a night out is chug pineapple juice and eat a full cucumber.”

Chanel Godwin-McMaken, Bartender 


“Advil, a cold can of coke, and a soak in some water.”

Grant Gentry, Bartender 


“A lot of water, a big bowl of ramen, and some physical activity. Usually that means playing around the house with my kids, but you can get creative with it.”

Tripper Duval, Bartender/Bar Owner