See Alison Wonderland live next Thursday, May 14, at The Bluebird Theatre — and wear appropriate socks, the dance-offs could get feverish. 

With its overly absurd gestures of creativity and general lack of real life responsibility, Coachella is as close to a palpable fairy tale as the world will ever see. It’s an almost mythical event, with legends and lore of celebrity character development extending far beyond the borders of Indio, CA — while being virtually unreachable to those with financial obligations  (like any good paradise is).

But the electronic dance-tune phenomenon known as Alison Wonderland got to the event by becoming one of Australia’s biggest breakout artists of the past half-year. She’s done so by aligning herself with icons such as The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne on her popular single “U Don’t Know” and releasing one of the hottest chill-to-dance albums of 2015 so far: Run.

Back home, she keeps busy throwing successful parties with her Wonderland Warehouse Project series, writing music and taking care of her beloved puppy, Molly. Now, however, she’s in the midst of a nation-wide tour, which comes to Denver and the Bluebird Theater on Thursday, May 14.

1. Is America treating you well? We hope the people you meet aren’t being stereotypically rude to you …

"Yes! I love America — just finished my Coachella experience and it was the most amazing welcome to the US I could have hoped for. Stereotypically rude? I have had nothing but nice experiences from people."

2. Did Coachella turn up for you?

"I was blown away that that many people showed up to see me, to be honest."

3. For those who haven’t heard of you, describe the sound you’re after when you create music.

"I am not after a sound when I create — it just happens. It ends up being electronic and beats heavy; that’s the stuff I naturally gravitate towards."

4. Which television/movie character would you most like to take out on a date?

"Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride."

5. Where would that date be and why?

"That doesn’t matter because I would be on a date with Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride!"

6. Name three artists you’re dying to collaborate with:

"The Knife, Steve Buscemi and Bill Murray."

7. We all have them, but how does Alison Wonderland approach the haters?

"You guys have haters?'

8. What’s something you’d like to change about the music industry?

"More open-minded nightclubs and live music laws in Australia! They are killing the industry; don’t get me started …"

9. We know you’re a multi-instrumentalist (she’s a classically trained musician and can rip the cello like it’s melted butter), but do you have any other skills/hobbies people aren’t aware of?

"When I’m in Australia, and it’s whale season, I always go whale watching from the cliffs. My skill is keen spotting eyes."

10. What does the future hold for Alison Wonderland?

"If I knew, I would have a tremendous psychic gift, which I would have mentioned in the question above." 🙂