Here it comes, lads and germs — it's Underground Music Showcase weekend!

Here it comes, lads and germs — it’s Underground Music Showcase weekend again and there's little more than (as of press time) a days worth of hours to wait for the opening bands to take stages at over twenty venues around the South Broadway corridor. Before the marathon of excess in music, fun and libations takes place, we sought out one of our favorite bands to come onto the national circuit in eons.

Until The Ribbon Breaks is a trio of solemnly-alt musicians from Britain — and here to fuck shit up. Often vocal in its desire for social progression, the act uses catching synth lines behind frontman Pete Winfield’s sanded lyrics to portray an almost apocalyptic offering. The single “Revolution Indifference” — one the group released with the hip-hop icons in Run The Jewels — is a track each and every being on this floating rock needs to hear, says we.

Before its appearance this weekend at the showcase, Winfield took some time out to join the "10 Questions" family.

1. What’s your main goal or mission you want to achieve when creating music?

I think we all would answer that differently perhaps. If I had to guess (and not speak too much on their behalf), I would say that James likes to push forward socially and visually — find new ways to create. Elliot, likes music to exist in the moment, a more direct source of adrenaline. I think my mission would to be say something of worth.

2. Is it satisfying to have “A Lesson Unlearnt” out to listeners, or do you still wish you could go back and change things?

Never. It is what it is. It's a snap shot of where we were at the time creatively. We learnt lessons from its imperfections. We know what we want to change moving forward and surely that is more important.

3. If you had an endless budget to make a film, who would be the female lead and who would be the male lead, and why?

Jessica Rabbit meets Marlon Brando in a godfather meets Tarzan and Jane, semi animated, Avatar style, straight to DVD B movie.

4. Do you have any expectations of fans when they come see you perform?

To be honest, to watch through their eyes and not through the screens of a mobile phone. I'm aware that it's an integral and unavoidable part of life and I hate to be the technology Scrooge, but your eyes are super duper cool.

5. What’s the most important issue facing the music industry right now?

Music seen as a disposable commodity and as 'content'. It's all too safe. Less artist development, less time for artists to evolve and grow, meaning a sea of mediocrity that is designed to keep the industry afloat. In short, I miss Kobain, Nina, Marvin and Marley. Purity of expression and a message.

6. Do you think it can ever be fixed?

The old guard needs to come to terms with a pay cut. Let's become more DIY and build careers not pop stars.

7. Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

Poached eggs, runny, avocado, on an English muffin. Chilli flakes and a little black pepper, no hollandaise……..GAME CHANGER

8. Are the youth a beacon of hope and change, or are they doomed to repeat the same mistakes?

Some of the mistakes for sure. We are only human after all, and some will be learnt from. It's a cycle and doom is Boring.

9. Name three thing wrong with the world:

Fundamentalist, hypocritical, tyrannical forms of organised religion.
Boot cut jeans

10. What does the future hold for Until The Ribbon Breaks?

Unfortunately, the world isn't actually an oyster but the sky IS the limit.