Denver, Hermitude really wants to put its music in your face soon …

Back in the day — you know, when skinny kids wore size 42 jeans and the second Bush was doofing around in the office fucking shit up for us — one often had to decide between being a hip-hop head, a punk, a dirty rocker or appropriate any other obscure style to form a unique identity. There weren’t many blends making the rounds. Sure, there was rap-rock and nu-metal, but we’re trying to forget about all that …

Now though, everything is in bed with everything else — and it’s a treat. It’s easy to find hybrids of any two or more popular genres on the charts, and they’re often blends that work so, so well with one another. Club bangers, if you will. And one Australian duo leading the charge in the electronic / hip-hop / trap realm is Hermitude, a pair about to break out in a big way here stateside.

They're bringing their electrifying live show (and an ample amount of bass hits, we promise) to the 1UP Colfax on Wednesday, Nov 4 — tickets are on the cheap! Before the guys get to town, we asked them both a few questions beforehand …

1. If you had to pick one track to introduce yourselves to new listeners, which one would it be and why?

"I think 'The Buzz' is a good introduction. It has some nice moody sections, but then it fires up and bangs you into the ground like a tent peg."

2. The venue you’ll be playing in Denver (1UP) is packed with old arcade games — what old school video game can you crush the most?

"Really? That's sick! If they have them we'll be playing Mortal Kombat, SF2, NBA Jam, Snow Brothers, Shinobi and whatever else they got!"

3. Mario vs. Luigi in an arm wrestle — who wins?

"I feel like Mario has the muscle and Luigi has the brains, so I'm going with Mario."

4. Why do you think Australian artists put out so many great club bangers?

"There's a great scene down here that has been bubbling away for years and now is thankfully getting the recognition is deserves. Producers are real hungry so they'll push themselves till they get huge sound they're looking for."

5. We just read about your Independent Music Awards nominations, congrats! Do awards mean much to you as artists, or do you feel they’re overrated?

"I think it's a really nice appreciation of the hard work that all of us artists put into our music. However we don't do it for the awards so it's not something to get too caught up in."

6. What’s the greatest movie of all time?

"Big Trouble In Little China"

7. What do you think will happen to SoundCloud – sink or swim?

"Swim. I hope so anyway. It's such an amazing platform it would be such a shame if it were to sink."

8. Who are some artists/acts we should be listening to right now?

"Floating Points, Clark, Stwo, Lianne La Havas, Hiatus Kaiyote is a good start."

9. Selfies: Are you into them or hate them?

"Hate them."

10. What can we expect out of the future of Hermitude?

"Lots more of that feel good soulful music!"