The band also dropped a new album, listen here, listen now …

The Colorado-based electro-soul magnate Michal Menert is a reinventing beast. One minute he’s rocking his steeze solo, and the next he has his big damn band conquering the most prominent of stages all over the US. Today, he continues his evolution, now on tour with the Michal Menert & the Pretty Fantastics — a band smaller than his “big band” but larger than his solo self. Will this dude ever slow down? Catch Menert and his Pretty Fantastics at the Fillmore Auditorium, Friday, Oct. 30 with Marcelo Moxy, Wildabeast, Starro and Thriftworks. The band also dropped a new album, listen here, listen now …

1. If you had to pick one track to introduce the act to new listeners, which one would it be?
"I have a track called 'The Reason' on the new album. It’s an ode to being lost along the road to nowhere, to my life wading between pools of spirituality and philosophy, trying to better myself but never committing enough to abandon justifying the parts of me I don’t need."

2. Do you ever regret becoming a musician?
"Only in the sense that anyone that applies themselves to a focused discipline, or skill, regrets not being everything to everyone at once. I feel guilty using my mind for what can often be a selfish exploration of my own life and emotional tendencies. I sometimes regret that, and also not being a warrior in the back when — because I’m pretty sure I’m not built for flying coach and hunching over short tables — I could probably do someone a lot of good if I had a giant battle axe."

3. Mario vs. Luigi in an arm wrestle — who wins?
"Luigi, because Mario is fat and I was always player 2 because I never owned a Nintendo."

4. That’s a big band to have on tour, how do you each stay sane in such close quarters?
"It’s a great group of characters and we all have slept on floors and front porches and in gutters for music throughout our lives, so being able to play and live with these guys is like a traveling summer camp or birthday party for me."

5. Selfies: Yea or Nay?
"I love them. They give you an idea of who a person thinks they are. Even me. If I didn’t know me, I’d probably make fun of my face, and whatever it does when I try to take a selfie."

6. Greatest movie of all time?
"Blade Runner makes me feel ways every time."

7. What do you think will happen to SoundCloud: sink or swim?
"SoundCloud will eventually sink because all platforms come and go in an evolving tech cycle. Apps rebrand and eventually rewrite the very things that made them ‘the people’s choice.’ Companies entering larger competitive marketplaces and losing sight of the original purpose is the norm, because we as a society are certain that every business must grow, not sustain. This is a foolish outlook that will do us all in.

8. Who are some artists/acts we should be listening to right … now?
"Keeplove?, Tnertle, anything on SBR (Super Best Records), D’Angelo (if you don’t already have the album, you need to get it). All the SAVEMONEY cats from Chicago keep blowing me away with their output. ExMag is always a step ahead with its style. Listen to my friends … they’re all incredible."

9. What’s good with Super Best Records — what can we get excited about from that camp?
"SBR has new releases from Willdabeast, Shuj Roswell, Kid Again (which is myself and JuBee, an incredible MC I work with), Tnertle, and collab work from me and Late Night Radio, some Manic Menert co-released with All Good Records, more mix tapes, more hip-hop, more singing and smiling and celebrating the wonderful crew we got. Also, we just rebooted the monthly parties; so if you’re in Denver, stay tuned for a good time."

10. What can we expect out of the future of Michal Menert & the Pretty Fantastics?
"The goal is for the Pretty Fantastics to be a flexible group of anywhere from four to whatever players is less than the big band, with me steering the pirate ship through uncharted space and time."