Don't pull some banal "Don't Stop Believin'" bullshit on your audience … instead, ascend the stage with one of these more "creative" hits.

Don't even think about stepping onto that karaoke stage and pulling some banal bullshit like Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" or "Baby Got Back." We've seen it. We've heard it. We expected more from you.

Instead, ascend the stage with confidence, armed with the inner knowledge that the song you're about to sing is either so obscure, ironic or technically difficult that it'll be remembered for years … or beers … to come.

Here are some of the absolute best songs you can serenade your friends with, or our name's not Rooster "Karaoke Champion" Magazine.

1. Eiffel 65 – "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"

This one's great for when you're wasted and you have no actual idea how the song goes because you can lean on the "da ba dees" that run rampantly through the song, and use the rest of the time to thrust your hips suggestively.

2. Creed – "With Arms Wide Open"

This song is about childbirth. Okay.

3. Daft Punk – "Around the World"

The words are real easy to remember on this one …

4. George Michael – "Careless Whisper"

This is the sexiest fucking song in the world and if you disagree we invite you to come on down to the office and we'll see who the true sensual lover is.

5. Darude – "Sandstorm"

Everyone can sing along!

6. Beyonce – "Drunk in Love"

IT'S SO HARD. DO IT. WE CHALLENGE YOU. If you can pull this one off with the graceful aplomb of someone who hasn't just downed 14 sake bombs, then your spirit reaches a higher level and you're one step closer to heaven.

7. Seal – "Kiss From a Rose"


8. Ginuwine – "Pony"

This song is just begging to be accompanied by egregious physical performance. Do your best impression of an eagle being born then sexualize it and bam; you've got some Ginuwine dance moves.

9. Anything by anyone named Natalie

Natalies send the bullet of song straight to the heart. We're not sure whether that's good or bad but it's a clinically proven scientific fact.

10. No Doubt – "Don't Speak"

Okay this one is semi-serious as in it's sure to bring down the house in a "yay" way, not a "what the fucking fuck way." You'll be surprised just how many repressed memories this song activates for your audience, and you'll all be reminiscing about the 90s in no time.

11. t.A.T.u – "All The Things She Said"

Only use this if you're comfortable super-soaking girl's panties. Otherwise, in the interest of vaginal dryness, reserve this A-Bomb for special situations. It's really taxing on the ovaries.